How to make your bedroom look cozy?

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Ideally, the bedroom should be the most comfortable room in your whole apartment. It is the room that is designed for you to rest. And that automatically means that it should be as cozy as possible. A cozy bedroom would increase the quality of your sleep. And in turn, would help you perform more productively throughout the next day. Good sleep is as important as any other nutrient that your body requires. We spend a good amount of time in our bedroom every day, so let’s take some time out to make it aesthetic and cozy. Here is a list of some tips and tricks that you can implement in your bedroom without breaking the bank. They will take your room to another level and make it more welcoming.

• Color hues

So let’s start with the basics. The first thing that anyone needs to decide for a room is the color theme that they are going to follow around. Choosing a good color is very important. It can make or break the entire vibe. You can go either of the two ways when it comes to color selection. Both dark and light colors have their own set of advantages. Here are a few color tips that might help you.

• Warm colors:

Colors ranging from warm neutrals to light-medium greys and beige and browns are very peaceful colors. Even earthy blues play the same role. These colors make for a very nice smooth background. They are light but nit very dull. And they provide the perfect canvas for every type of accessory. You can pair up rod iron or wooden furniture with it. You can even play out with curtains and make the room look cozy.

• Dark hues:

Dark colors should ideally be selected for large rooms because they tend to make a room appear smaller. However, the dark color creates a relaxing vibe and envelopes the entire room. It creates a relaxing environment and sends you in a slumber mode. Linen bedspreads are amazing accessories for dark rooms, as they create a nice contrast. They also make the bed stand out in a dark room and make it the ideal place to cuddle with your blanket.

• Classic white

If you are more of a decent personality than a vibrant one, then this one is for you. Go for the classic white on white combination to make your room look ultra-spacious and huge. The rooms, in spite of being a large look very intimate with an all-white setting. It is welcoming in the morning as well as night. At night it would look like the most relaxed comfy sleeping place. And in the morning it would be the perfect combination of relaxed and fresh.

• Keep your color palette to a minimum

If you feel that all white isn’t your cup of tea. Then bring in your favorite colors to make it more personalized. But keep in mind to only add a few more colors and not turn your room in a circus. Bedrooms with too many colors are not very cozy and will also stop you from getting a good night’s sleep.  

• Play with pastels

Pastels are in trend right now. If you play with the right shade of pastel, then you would be adding a whole new dimension to your room. Colors like sky blue or chic pink make the room look gorgeous. Throw in some nice floral bed sheets, and you have the comfiest bed situation ever.

• Playing around with lights

The second most important thing to deal with while decorating a room is the light. There are many things that you need to decide while selecting the lights. You need to decide the light source, the placement, and a lot of more things. 

There are many light sources that you can use to make your room look cozy. The first and the most important thing to have in your room in terms of light is the sunlight. It is very important to have a stream of natural light flowing through the room. This not only makes your room look fresh but also makes its look bigger than it is. Make sure to have your bed placed strategically so that it has a stream of light coming right at it.

The next thing is to select the lighting options for your room. Go with soft lighting in your bedroom as it makes the aura comfy and relaxing. Bright lights make the room uncomfortable and not very welcoming to sleep in. Try going with LED lights fitted inside the ceiling or with low hanging lights for aesthetics. You can even get bedside lamps or floor lamps if you have an empty corner in your room. But if your mind is saying no to lamps, then go for a gorgeous statement light near your dresser.

Another way to add light in your room is to play with fairy lights. Fairy lights are beautiful and change the entire outlook of the room in no time. Fairy lights add a very personalized note in the bedroom that looks gorgeous.

• Add candles for the aesthetics

Place candles around your room to make it cozy. Placing candles of different sizes around your room will look very pretty. There are many candle options available these days to choose from. From candles of different sizes to scented candles, you can use whatever candle floats your boat.

You can also DIY a few candle stands and make your room look personalized. Use old bottles and place small candles in them. Light them whenever you want. However, keep in mind that they might cause a fire hazard, so use digital light candles.

Scented candles elevate the entire room to another level. Light them up whenever you come in and enjoy the yummy scent and the gorgeous view.

You can also play around with artificial candles. They look amazing on the floorboard as well as on dressers and side tables.

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