4 Best Places to Stay in West Virginia During Winter

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The wintertime is a good time to stay indoors, get cozy, maybe a little fire in the fireplace and a hearty chat with loved ones. Since the cold season is right around the corner, plan your next visit to the Mountain State with these unforgettable places for you to visit and stay in.

1. Take the first-class experience at The Greenbrier, Greenbrier County

If you are curious as to what it must be like to stay at a hotel where 26 previous Presidents of the United States have stayed, try a weekend at The Greenbrier. A luxury resort sitting in the Allegheny Mountains in Greenbrier County, the area around it has been a tourist destination since 1778. The current resort occupies 11,000 acres of land - offering more than 710 rooms, 33 suites, 20 restaurants and lounges, and about 55 outdoor and indoor amenities, and 36 retail shops for you to choose from.

Winter activities at The Greenbrier include ice skating on a 70 feet x 140 feet rink adorned with music and lights, as well as a firepit near the sides of the rink. Also, the resort offers a comfortable sleigh ride around its 11,000-acre property - gaze at the snow-capped mountains and the wintery-white forests. The resort also hosts seasonal culinary demonstrations which include displays and tasting from the Greenbrier Valley Brewing Company, Smooth Ambler Spirits, as well as guest chefs and winemakers.

Another treat available to guests at The Greenbrier is the Greenbrier Bunker - an underground facility built during the Cold War designed to hold all 535 members of the Congress in the event of a nuclear attack. The tours are available to guests until today, but still, no cameras are allowed inside the bunker. The bunker silently resides 720 feet underground and is guarded by four large blast-proof door weighing from 20 to 30 tons each. Visitors can see the function halls as well as the dormitories designed to keep the key members of the US government safe.

2. Learn and enjoy at The Winterplace Ski Resort, Ghent

Known as the southernmost ski resort in the state, The Winterplace Ski Resort has become one of the best reasons to explore West Virginia, especially during the winter - partly because it is close to Interstate 77 and largely because this is one of the best locations in the entire United States for all your winter sports plans.

A great place for you and the family to go skiing, tubing, and snowboarding, the resort has more than 27 slopes covering 90 acres of snow-filled mountainside for you to have fun with. The longest available run goes for about a mile and a quarter long. They also offer organized and guided hiking on the nearby mountains. There are also four main restaurants within the premises of the ski resort - two are located in the Resort Center, one along the mountain trail at the base of the expert and intermediate terrains, and one near the Lift 1 station.

The Winterplace also offers a fun, learning program for the little tykes. SkiWee and Snow Explorers are for children from 4 to 12 years old while Frosties Kinder Care is for your little kids from 6 months old to 3 years of age.

3. Take part in Swiss tradition at Helvetia

For about 150 years now, the small West Virginia village of Helvetia keeps its Swiss roots alive with the celebration of Fasnacht. Helvetia is a small village high up in the Appalachian Mountains of the Mountain State, with a small signage greeting visitors as they enter the town. It was established when a group of settlers from Switzerland decided to find a home at the young US state of West Virginia, having been a state only six years prior.

See hundreds of people put on scary masks and burn an effigy in the village square. Also, watch the parade around this small village with lanterns and songs which end up at the Star Band Hall for more music and dance. From ten in the morning to five in the afternoon, the Kultur Haus and the Helvetia Mask Museum is open for guests. The Kultur Haus is your one-stop shop for local produce and handicrafts. They also offer food, beverages, and souvenirs for tourists. The Helvetia Mask Museum, on the other hand, exhibits masks from previous years of Fasnacht celebration accompanied by descriptions of their design and the meaning behind it.

For your accommodation in this Swiss Town, the Alpen Lodge will definitely complete your European weekend with its Oak floors and solid plaster walls. There are five bedrooms available, each with its own private baths. However, the kitchen and living room are shared.

4. Spend cozy evenings by the fireplace at the Stonewall Resort, Roanoke 

Find peace like no other at Stonewall Resort, secluded from the noise and clamor of city living in its 1,900 acres of land, forests, and mountainsides.  Moreover, the resort also covers part of what is known as the Stonewall Resort State Park. This was a project of the United States Army Corps of Engineers who purchased the area and constructed a dam. The lake is also home to the lost colony of Roanoke, which was flooded and sunken beneath 60 feet of water.

Enjoy the Adirondack-style lodges and cottages available and take the time to gaze around the white forests and the partially frozen lake. Also, the pieces of furniture also follow the same style and philosophy of giving its guests a peaceful, natural, rest and relaxation you will not find anywhere else. You can spend an afternoon doing nothing but lounge around their lakeside patio or explore the nearby hiking trails.

Moreover, the resort boasts inclusivity as its amenities are accessible and friendly to persons with disabilities. Take for example the pools at Stonewall - their pool has two lifts designed to provide easy access. Also, no need to worry for your furry friends as the resort also allows pets - provided you follow their guidelines set for the safety and convenience of you and the other guests.

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