6 Advantages to use a Live Chat in your Website

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A live chat or chat box is a tool that can be found on some websites, such as e-commerce sites, and allows us to easily engaging a conversation between the user and the site manager or his customer service.

This is a means of communication highly appreciated by Internet users because a live chat provides a quick and personalized response while increasing the sales of the website in question.

Your website does not have a live chat yet? Discover the six advantages that this tool can bring you in your business!

1. Advantages of live chat support- A convenient means of communication for your customers

Did you know that live chat is the preferred means of communication? Contact a company via the live chat of its website is indeed much easier and faster for a user.

If sending an email or call is sometimes more complicated for some people who sometimes do not dare to use these means of communication, the live chat seems less inviting.

Also, with social networks and smartphones, chatter is now part of our daily lives.

 Going through a live chat is, therefore, something familiar for a user where your (potential) customer will be able to address you immediately and appreciate getting a personalized response to his request.

2. Benefits of live chat service - A significant time saving

It has been proven that 8 out of 10 problems can be solved immediately. The live chat is the ideal solution as it brings speed and immediacy in your communication.

Thus, instead of having to handle specific requests by phone or email, you can answer any questions directly via the live chat, and simultaneously because a live chat can manage several discussions at once.

This saves time for you and your customers and will save you money in the medium and long term.

3. Benefits of live chat - A tool that increases your sales

According to a study by the American Marketing Association, it has been shown that having a live chat service on your website would increase the conversion rate by at least 20%. And that the customers who use the live chat of your site are three times more likely to buy one of your products or to use your services.

Being able to get in touch quickly and easily will allow you to gain the trust of the user. The live chat will indeed enable you to advise, guide and reassure: three certain assets that will help the user to buy your products or call on your services!

4. Benefits of live chat - Humanizes your business and makes you accessible

Having a live chat on your website conveys a positive image of your business because it shows that you are interested in the problems and questions of your customers. And you are there to guide them and that their satisfaction is at the heart of your concerns.

Putting a place in this tool naturally brings you sympathy. At a time when human contact is becoming more and more electronic with the internet, your customers will appreciate it all the more because they can talk to someone, which can only be beneficial for your business.

5. Benefits of live chat services - An effective way to improve your website and sales systems

When a user goes through the live chat of your website, it tells you of a difficulty encountered at the moment. Over time, you will be able to gather valuable and informative information about your clients' issues, challenges, and expectations.

All this data will, therefore, allow you to improve your website, your sales systems and your means of communication, see you bring new ideas on services or products that you will be able to develop and offer to your customers.

6. Benefits of live chat - A modern solution that will help you stand out from your competition

Despite all its advantages, many companies have not yet implemented live chat on their website: an error that you can take advantage of and serve you to stand out effectively from your competitors.

In addition to being able to provide a quick response to your customers and increase your sales, owning a live chat on your website is a rather unusual thing. You are showing the quality of your website and its modernity, which will positively mark the spirits of your customers.

Conclusion - Do I need a live chat service for my website?

If you have an e-commerce business selling or renting products, or a service delivery activity, then it's pointless to point out that converting leads to customers is the number one goal of your company.

Even if having live chat support on the website is not necessarily essential, it remains a feature that can be quickly implemented and excellent leverage to increase your conversation rates, and you avoid losing some sales.

Also, it is an effective way to develop your sympathy with your (potential) customers. Above all, you stand out from your competitors by proposing an atypical and modern feature that will surely attract and retain the attention of Internet users.

Hiring an agent in the office is both expensive and you need to train them. Outsource you live chat support to a professional and 24 / 7 service will save a lot of your troubles and help to convert your visitors into sales

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