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What Do You Need To Know Before Installing a Whole House Water Filtration System

Written by Posted On Friday, 13 December 2019 03:53

Are you concerned about the safety of the water you use in your home? You are not alone. For many Americans, water signifies good health and vitality. But sometimes the crystal clear liquid that flows from your taps is often loaded with unhealthy compounds such as lead, pesticides, pharmaceutical residues and chlorine. With so many pollutants in today’s modern world, it is up to you to embrace measures that will protect you and your family. One great way of ensuring that your water is safe is by installing a whole house water filtration system.

What Is A Whole House Water Filtration System?

A whole house water filtration system is a popular filtering solution that is usually connected to your main supply of water such that all the water that flows into your home is already treated. Compared to point of use filters, which are only attached to single tap, a whole house filtration system ensures that your entire home, from the kitchen to the bathroom has clean water every time you need it. 

Here are a few things you need to know before installing a whole house water filtration system.

  1. What Is In Your Water?

The most important thing you need to know before buying a whole house filter is the type of contaminants you are trying to remove. This is because there are different types of whole house filters and the one you choose should be determined by the nature of the pollutants. For example, if you are using city water, your main concern would be to get rid of chlorine and its byproducts plus the taste and odor from the disinfectants used by the municipal to clean the water. 

If you are using water from a well, you could be faced with several water challenges such as physical contaminants, biological and radiological contaminants, and chemical contaminants such as hydrogen sulfide which gives water a pungent rotten egg smell. Be sure to do your research and if you can talk to a water filtration expert before making a purchase.  

  1. A Whole House Water Filtration System Will Help You Save Money

Buying bottled water looks like the cheapest and quickest way to get clean drinking water. But in the long run, it is way too expensive and the plastic bottles are harmful to the environment. One thing you should know about installing a whole house filter is that you will only incur a one time cost of installing the water filter and the low-cost filter replacements and you can forget about buying expensive bottled water ever again. 

  1. Consider the Maintenance Costs

Be sure to choose a filter that you can be able to maintain. This is because some home water filters have very high maintenance costs ranging from $200 to $400 per replacement. If you are shopping online, make sure that you have all the details before buying.  Ideally, a whole house filtration system with zero maintenance is the most ideal.

  1. Find out the Sellers and Manufacturers Credibility

Whole house water filtration systems are not cheap. Make sure that you check the manufacturers and the seller’s credibility before you make a purchase. Read online reviews and find out what other customers are saying for better quality and service. Don’t forget to ask about the warranty and installation details that could void your warranty.

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