6 Affordable Home Cleaning Tips

Written by Posted On Friday, 13 December 2019 04:03

Are you the type of person who can’t sleep knowing that there are dirty dishes in the sink? You love a clean house, and there’s no stopping you from cleaning any nook and cranny of your house before you get a good night of sleep. Sound familiar? While for some, their philosophy is if you want a squeaky clean home, there is no rest for the weary. The flaw in this philosophy however, is that dirt keeps piling and building up that when it’s time to clean, you have to work doubly hard unless you do it every single day of the year.

Cleaning is essential, and it does not have to be costly. Here are six affordable home cleaning tips that you can surely apply to your routine.

  1. Clean up regularly. 

Tidying up the bed, more or less, will only take 10 minutes unless you have a huge bed and at least 10 pillows. Washing 2-3 dishes will take 5 minutes tops. The point? Accomplishing the small tasks and making sure that they are done every day will not take up too much of your time, so it is best to do them on a daily basis. It will also make your home look cleaner and more organized and won’t take much time at all. This way, by caring for your home on a regular basis, you can prevent dirt from getting trapped and building up. By taking care of your things, you give them a longer life, and you save money by not having to replace your items due to neglect. 

  1. Vinegar is not just for cooking.

Yes, I hear you. Sometimes some cleaning detergents are a little expensive, and some are just focused on a specific item. There’s glass cleaner for your glass window, muriatic acid for your tiles, and cleaner for your metal taps. But here’s an inexpensive life hack for you- vinegar. And you’re welcome. Vinegar can be used to clean up those dirty glass windows, mirrors, countertops, and metal taps. You have to mix equal parts of vinegar and water, and you’re good to go.

  1. Soda-fy your plates instead of buying new ones every time.

Plates are the most harassed piece of item in the house. And most of the time, scratched plates don’t help in having the most appetizing meal. Before tossing them out and getting a brand new set, mix baking soda and water and use it to buff into the unsightly scratches on your plate. You’ll have a brand new looking plates in no time!

  1. Shaving cream doesn’t only remove unwanted hair, but also unwanted stains.

Upholstery gets stains no matter how careful, especially when you have kids at home. Before calling on the pros, put shaving cream on the stain and let it rest for at least an hour depending on the size, then blot it dry. 

  1. Choose a washable mop head instead of the disposable one.

Mops are essential to any home, and a washable one can help you save as disposable ones tend to be destroyed after a couple of uses. Just make sure to wash the mop head properly, and you’re good to go.

  1. Call on the professionals.

If all else fails, and you really need to call on the pros to do the task for you, be sure to call on SwiftClean. You will get the cleanest home but will not clean out your wallet!



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