Phone Skills That Will Improve Sales

Written by Posted On Monday, 16 December 2019 16:37

Telephone sales are more challenging than ever. Today you need to have a strategy in place to make that sale. Here are 6 proven tips on improving your sales calls.

1. Always Start Your Calls Positively

Never start your sales call talking about anything negative. Don't talk about how busy you are, or how bad the weather is. Start your sales call off with a positive comment or story. Talk about how wonderful your weekend was or what a great ballgame you saw last night.

2. Use A Sales Script

Following a prewritten sales script has many benefits. It will force you to create and refine a consistent sales pitch, and it will also allow you to think less about what you're going to say. It will also help you spend more time listening to your customer.

3. Stay in Control of The Call

When you get a prospect on your toll free number, let them immediately know what your agenda is. Provide them an outline on what you want to talk about and stick to it. Before the call, have a prepared list of talking points and stick to it. That way you can keep track of the call and accomplish what you want to achieve.

4. Listen More, Talk Less

The more your prospect talks, the better chance you have to close the sale. Ask them about their challenges, problems and goals and let them answer it. Good prospects will be happy to share.

5. Be Prepared for Objections

Navigating objections is a big part of the sales process. How you handle this is the key to getting the sale or not. For example, if your product is more expensive than your competitors, you will more likely have to address this with your prospect. The best way to do this is to bring it up before the prospect does. That way you can frame it in a positive way.

However, don't bring up every objection. Certain objections can slow down the sales process and give your prospect doubts that weren't there to begin with. Instead you should just have a plan to overcome any objections that they may come up with.

6. Focus on Value

Explain the benefits your prospect will receive by purchasing the product. Use storytelling techniques to set your product apart from the competition. It's very important that you focus on this value before you discuss price.

If you bring up price first, your product may be viewed as a commodity. Once a price has been mentioned you will lose your leverage, because everything will be looked at through that number. It will be difficult to explain the value after that.

The prospect may also have preconceived assumptions about the value of your product if price is mentioned first.

You need to understand your prospect's needs before you give them a price. If you propose a price that's too high, you'll more than likely lose the sale. If it's too low, they may not consider you a serious player. That's why you need to explain your product's value before you give them the cost.


To close more sales over the phone, you need to improve your communication skills. These 6 proven techniques will help you rise to the challenge.

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