Here are the Hottest 2019 Holiday Decorating Trends

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Traditional holiday decorations do not go out of style, but why not try other styles than the usual mix of greens, silver, red, or gold? Trends for holiday decorations in 2019 are a fun, eclectic mix of colours and tastes that will surely bring new life to your holiday celebrations. See for yourself which holiday decorating trends for 2019 you might want to try below!

Cozying it Up

2019 Christmas Decorating Trends

Don’t have time to go up the mountains to spend your holidays in a cozy cabin? Bring the cabin feel to your home this season! Use oversized blankets in family areas, play up with rich patterns and heavy fabrics, and don’t forget the hot beverage plus get the fireplace burning. You’ll love the nostalgic homestyle simplicity this holiday decorating trend will give you.

Going All Out

2019 Christmas Decorating Trends2

The holiday decorating trend that a lot is interested in is minimalism, but maximalism can be just as fun. This doesn’t mean having to go out just to buy new décor or accumulating clutter, you can achieve this by using bolder and bigger pieces that you may already have. Gone is the thinking that you can only pick a colour or two as a motif. There is certainly nothing wrong with mixing up different styles and patterns. Don’t forget plenty of lights and sparkle!

Going Green

2019 Christmas Decorating Trends3

Using recyclable packaging for gifting is a great trend this year. Eco-friendly packaging has been catching on in the past years with people expressing more interest in sustainable gift packaging as well as eco-friendly gift ideas. If you’re the creative type, you can use fabric scraps and upcycled paper for wrapping gifts and still make it look chic!

Loving the Pets

2019 Christmas Decorating Trends4

Try customized ornaments made in the likeness of furry family members! If that isn’t your style, you can choose to still show the pets some love by not forgetting them when gifting their human companions. A small dog treat or a bit of catnip can go a long way in spreading holiday cheer!

Making it Tropical

2019 Christmas Decorating Trends5

Wishing you are on a holiday getaway but schedule won’t permit it? Why not go for beach and tropical-inspired holiday decorations? Don’t think you cannot make toucans and flamingos look at home in the season. If you do not want to go this route, perhaps try decorating your home with shells and hang glittery faux starfish and coral from your tree. This décor idea is so unexpected and refreshing!

Shining, Shimmering, Splendid!

2019 Christmas Decorating Trends6

There is just something about shiny décor that never goes out of style. You can bring this up a notch by going for holographic instead of just shiny items. A beautiful holographic wreath is a good place to start without going overboard especially if you only want to update your existing décor.

Partying with Stained Glass

2019 Christmas Decorating Trends7

Stained glass can look dated, but you can take inspiration from it to create a modern and chic holiday look. Instead of plain wine bottles, why not try an eclectic mix of coloured glasses? Serve sugar glass in multiple colours as an accent in the dessert or maybe make those stained glass holiday cookies that have plenty of tutorials online. You can make this holiday decorating trend yours with just a few tweaks!

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