How Mobile Technology Changed the Real Estate Game

Written by Posted On Thursday, 19 December 2019 12:12

There was a time when it was thought technology would make life simpler and provide more free time. It seems to have had the opposite effect. We now appear to be more productive than ever, have more data at our fingertips and spend less “down” time. In real estate, in particular, it has led to client's being more knowledgeable and agents and brokers more connected. This is especially true when it comes to cell phones.

Pew Research tells us that today, over 95% of Americans have cell phones, with 100% of younger people aged 18-29 having the devices. A whopping 94% of those are smartphones. It's not just young people either. Pew indicates that 98% of those 30-49 have cell phones with 89% in the demographic owning smartphones. The numbers still hold up in the 50-65 demo with a 94% penetration rate for cellphones and smartphones reaching 73%. The point is mobile devices have changed the way we live, communicate and conduct business, including real estate.

What are the more significant ways in which mobile technology has changed the real estate game? Here's a quick look.

Prospects are Always Connected

This can be both a blessing and a curse as prospects and clients always expect you to be available when they want you. It is a blessing in that you can provide better services and keep them better connected to the process but getting away can be more difficult. There should be no excuse to not respond promptly, however, whether it be by call, text, or email.

Prospects can Better Screen Homes for Themselves

Rather than performing endless in-person showings, many of which disqualify themselves quickly, prospects have more of an ability to investigate a potential home and even take virtual tours from their phones. By the time they reach you, they have often narrowed down what it is they are in search of. It is so much easier for them to communicate their desires to you in real time.

Social Media Becomes a More Powerful Tool

Mobile devices combined with social media makes it easier than ever to “broadcast” new listings or price reductions to a larger, targeted group at no cost. This includes the ability to add photos and links to more details. Social media also is a useful vehicle for promoting open houses and letting followers know of houses that have recently been sold. Social media has a unique ability to show how real estate is a constantly moving business to encourage urgency. It can also help demonstrate your expertise when used properly. 

Minimizes Miscommunication and Missed Appointments

Any real estate veteran can tell how frustrating it is to schedule an evaluation, house showing or other meetings with a client or prospect, only to have them miss it entirely. Mobile devices can't ensure that will never happen but it certainly can minimize how often it happens. Appointments can easily be verified with a quick call or text immediately prior to such appointments to reaffirm they will occur and as scheduled. 

Instant Use of a Wide Array of Tools Right from Your Smartphone

On occasion, even the savviest won't recognize all the capabilities that lie right in their hands with smartphones. They provide not only instant access to texts, email, phone calls, and social media but to an unlimited array of data and interesting articles about home buying, selling, financing and more. Quick videos, video conferencing and even still images can be powerful in moving a lead forward. 

On the Go Customer Relation Management Tools

Once so expensive they were only available to the largest companies, Customer Relationship Management (CRM) software is now affordable for any real estate professional and can be utilized right from a smartphone. CRM software is designed to keep you connected with prospects, funneling them into leads by providing an automatic and steady stream of contacts and information. 

While it is true that real estate professionals, for the most part, have access to tools that may appear equal, it is how those tools are used that can make the difference. This includes full use of the power of a mobile device. 

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