Designing the SELF STORAGE UNIT To Suit your Needs

Written by Posted On Monday, 20 January 2020 22:47

It can seem daunting choosing the right Perth storage space for all the kit you have to store, It’s important though so we suggest these steps to help you find the size that is going to allow you the best fit.

  • Step One: Make a list of the items you are going to store. Include everything from furniture to every awkwardly shaped item that is unlikely to go into any of your boxes.
  • Step Two: Estimate the number of boxes you want to place in the storage unit.
  • Step Three: Try to estimate the storage option that is going to be right for your needs.

Whether you decide it’s a small space or a large unit here are some ideas to help you.

Creating the Storage Space Inventory

Getting a basic guide down on paper can help you discover what you are going to need! You are going to need to know what’s in each box so label everything.

Labeling everything from the shelves, through the boxes and pipes to even the fuse box is awesome advice when it comes to organizing a storage room. It will make your life so much easier knowing where to find things you need.

Colour Coordinate the Boxes and Bins

Keep things simple! Use different colored bins to separate out types of items. You could do this by product type, room, season, or activity.

Use Clear Containers Where Possible

Clear containers make it easier to see what is to hand. It is particularly advisable when you are storing jewelry or delicate Christmas decorations.

Invest in Pegboard Shelving

Whatever you are storing, pegboard shelving is bound to make it easier to find what you seek. You’re extremely likely to be storing a huge variety of items in your storage unit, so this type of shelving will help sort it all out in an organized way.

Use Hooks

Anything that will hang you can get it off the ground with good use of hooks. It will free up more space for your boxes. Thinks like ironing boards, mops, brooms, dustpans and brushes can all hang on the wall. Try to install the hooks close to the unit’s entrance.

Wire Shelving

For storing outdoor supplies like planters, watering canisters, or building materials including shutters, carpet squares,  and wood panels, wire shelving is a useful option. While withstanding the weight of heavy stuff it can be adjusted to store varying sizes of items.

Group Holiday Supplies

Just because you are only like to use items once or twice a year doesn’t mean they should be out of reach. Gift bags, holiday decorations, wrapping paper, should be sorted by season and easy to reach

Store China Safely

It’s important to find a safe place to store delicate stuff like china and glass. Try to place them in an area that’s high up and will attract low levels of traffic.  

Buy a Clothing Rack

These mobile bits of furniture are ideal for Perth storage spaces. It means you can store your clothes for all four seasons and only need to retrieve them as each period of time comes around.

Tips for Your Perth Storage Unit

  • Make sure the boxes you use are sturdy and can be moved
  • If you use heavy-duty containers made of plastic try to choose a uniform size.
  • Group boxes by weight or fragility with fragile items on top and heavier boxes on the bottom.
  • Boxes should be stacked no more than four high.
  • Place boxes on sturdy furniture if necessary.
  • Make sure the stuff you’ll need access to at the entrance to your storage unit.
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