Popular Types Of Shutters

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Types Of Shutters

Window shutters have become an integral part of interior designing these days. From the sort to the type, different types of shutters dominate the market. Traditional contemporary to western chic, there are numerous categories and styles that can suit the theme of your windows. Whether you are going for an old school look or a modern touch, be sure to choose from the variety of options present. Shutters add both finesse and class to elevate the whole look.


The most common and traditional types of shutters for the windows in the market are curtains. Apart from its splendid draping look, curtains can also give your entire home a very comfortable feel. Oscillating from an assortment of fabrics you can drape your windows with any material like nets, lace or something thicker. If you are opting to give your home a subtle kind of vibe then you should definitely go for some deep hues of curtains. These thick shades drown the entire room in a cocoon of warmth, which is perfect for coziness. From pleated to simple hangings there are many styles that you can go for according to your tastes. Curtains are timeless and keep everything classic and conventional.

Aluminum Shutters

These are one of the best shutters that you can choose for external options. These are made to withstand harsh conditions that include both rain and severe sun. These are absolutely terse and do not let any sorts of moisture soak or penetrate right through. Pair these with modern interiors and aluminum shutters will fit right in without looking hideous or odd. The Empire Window Furnishings aluminum shutters are one of the best choices for it. With the use of pure materials, these shutters are made with the best quality to provide maximum usage advantage. It comes together with a neat and stylish finish that makes it certain your look is up to par while also giving maximum privacy. A flawless pick, that protects and looks cool.

Board and Batten Shutters

Bringing the old world charm back into the setting, these are the shutters you want to go for if you want that feeling of olden times. Setting your space in a rustic contemporaneous look, the board and batten shutters revive the charm of the place. They carry the characteristics of olden glory days and a certain pastoral charm to them. Even though the overall construction and look of these shutters are quite simple. These are basically one to three boards that have been held together with a thin cross panel that can go at any angle. Sometimes placed horizontally or at an angle across the shutters, each style is truly scenic. Drenching your space in the Mediterranean feels, this shutter type is simply magnificent.

Roller Shutters

These are some of the most practical and useful options for shutters that are present. With its horizontal slats that can be coiled up and hinged together, this type of shutter can be used both inside and outside the house.  The best thing about roller shutters is that it also acts like a safety shield that can provide great amounts of privacy. They are a guaranteed deterrent against any burglars or invaders as they completely shut from top-down. Made from a variety of materials like plastic and aluminum you can choose your best option according to your desired needs. It can also prevent any sunlight from coming in the areas that you do not to be exposed to the sun.

Louvered Shutters

These are one of the most popular types of shutters out there. Whether it is a house, a shop or an office, these shutters can be seen in many areas. They come in several styles including straight top, cathedral top, extra-wide top and many many more. This is a design of a shutter that is very versatile and fits into any space available. It goes well with sleek windows and also straight ones. With a variety of tops that are curved and inverted it can be fitted into any window for a stylish look. Its planking pattern is very eccentric that gives the glow of allure in every way. The unique detailing from different styles makes it a novel choice for any homemaker who wants to add that element of flair to their windows.

Plantation Shutters

Plantation shutters are one of the most used shutters in every household. The making is more open-spaced than the louvered ones and has wide inched spaces between each plank. These are an excellent choice if you are looking for something that is effortless and easy to use. With wide louvered planks, the entire appearance of the plantation shutters is quite elegant. This is one of the most prevalent types of shutters that are used in dining rooms and bedrooms. They tend to keep the room looking casual and cozy while also being smart. Composed with materials like wood, vinyl, and composite you can pick the type that sets best with the entire setting of the room. With these shutters, you can keep windows simple while leaving more room to play with other interior opportunities.


Choosing the right kind of shutter for your spacing is a very important step. You need to be very careful and see how to keep the windows minimal if the rest of the room is quite glamorous. Keeping the right shutters with the correct interiors can make your entire living area an epitome of beauty. Keep it simple or classic; with so many options available you can add a touch of variation each time.

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