How to properly maintain a Water Filtration System

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Installing a water filtration system is ideal as it guarantees your home has safe, clean, and healthy water that is ready for consumption by your entire family. Thanks to water filters, you have easy and quick access to drinking water whenever you are in a hurry, and this is very advantageous if this is usually your daily routine. Nevertheless, water filtration systems typically need regular and appropriate maintenance, without which their effectiveness at eliminating water contaminants reduces. Subsequently, this results in drinking water that has an unpleasant taste. Therefore, correctly maintaining your water filtration system is crucial, and here are some tips you need to put in place to enhance its efficiency as well as effectiveness.

Understand all the specific requirements

Before deciding which water filtration system to install in your home, you should first consult a Water Filter Advisor to obtain all the necessary maintenance information in advance. Additionally, a water filtration system that makes use of activated carbon needs to have its carbon replaced or re-bedded after a couple of years. If you overlook any of these maintenance requirements, your water filtration system will most likely malfunction.

Schedule routine inspections 

If you want your water filtration system to operate in its optimal capacity while still being economical, you should then carry out routine annual checks. Therefore, whenever you notice any indication of a disturbance, get the necessary maintenance done immediately. Moreover, if you hear your system producing any queer sound or a difference in the water quality, you should get it sorted out as soon as possible before it eventually leads to irreversible damage.

Make sure your water filtration system is clean. 

Not only is a dirty water filtration system unappealing but also dangerous to your health. It is because all the contaminants and minerals that accumulate inside the system get absorbed by the water, thereby making it harmful for consumption. Thus, it is evident that cleaning of the water filtration system is essential using suitable cleaning products, and this routine needs to be done no less than once every week. Furthermore, system components that you need to clean include the water dispenser, line as well as the cap.

Fit a water softener 

Installing a water softener is crucial as it helps make your water filtration system more efficient by removing all the water hardening minerals present in the system, including calcium and magnesium. These minerals can damage the fragile reverse osmosis membranes integrated into the system’s design. Therefore, thanks to a water softener, you get to prevent any possible corrosion as well as prolong the water filtration system’s lifespan. However, the application of a water softener usually needs a lot of plumbing, so the material needs to be positioned at suitable positions by a water filtration expert.

Frequently change the filter cartridges 

Another essential water filtration maintenance tip you need to implement is changing the filter cartridge immediately after the control unit shows it is the right time. To know when the cartridge needs replacement varies from one system to another with some giving you daily status on when you need to replace the filters whereas others change the colors of the readout.

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