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The Basic Arsenal of a Real Estate Photographer

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There are those who truly wanted to become real estate photographers. Some find it hard to develop the necessary skills to master this business. But some become successful by just enjoying photography as a hobby.

Starting from scratch can be a big challenge. If there is an eagerness for one to become somebody in this industry, it is beyond doubt that that person has the interest to fulfill his goal. This is this very reason which will propel him to practice photography by heart because lacking the necessary skills is one big hindrance that will lead him to backpedal from this business.

Master the Art of Real Estate Photography

If someone has the will to master a skill, he will devote his time and exert much effort. And starting from scratch is the biggest challenge. The same is true in real estate photography. Some hold a bachelor’s degree related to arts and design, while others finished computer-related courses. But many who wanted to become real estate photographers find it hard to develop the necessary skills to master this business. Interestingly, some trained photographers developed their technical skills out of curiosity because photography is just a hobby to them.

Real Estate Photographer

Real Estate Photo credit to HD Estates

Remember that in this business, you are not shooting for yourself. You are shooting for your clients. You need to possess a mindset that is focused on marketing. You need to improve your skills and this will be accomplished when you attend training. You can also attribute skills development through the countless mistakes you made. You need to spend more time to learn from that experience.

As you go along with your real estate journey, it is also important to develop your creative skills. There is no school for creativity. But there is always a time to practice in improving your craft and make it perfect. Creative skills can be developed through constantly perfecting your ideas. Creativity entails uniqueness because this is a special kind of awareness owned only by the photographer himself.

Aside from being creative, mastering the art of real estate photography also includes developing your technical side. You need to be in consonance with your materials and equipment like your cameras, lenses, tripods and lighting systems, just to name a few. The height and the vertical edges, the shadows, and the perfect blending of lights are small but necessary things needed for the success of the business.

Basic Arsenal of a Real Estate Photographer

In the photography business, one must possess the basic arsenal of a real estate photographer.

  1. Top-of-the-line, high-quality Camera

The money will be a perennial problem when it comes to acquiring a top-of-the-line, high-quality camera. This is the single most crucial equipment desperately needed by every photographer. Owning a camera does not necessarily mean that you are obliged to buy an expensive one just to produce great images.

When buying a camera, choose a camera built with a large full-frame sensor and can create a 1:1 ratio. Anything that is below the 1:1 ratio will deal a loss of space. It would be a plus if the camera has an automatic exposure bracketing feature.

  1. Wide Angle Lens

As essential as the camera is the wide-angle lens. This is very useful in real estate photography. Using a wide-angled lens camera will let you shoot the whole perspective of the view especially when shooting the interiors of a room. One of the effects of using a wide angle lens to the viewer is that it is the feeling that he is actually inside that room.

  1. Tripod

Even a very skilled photographer finds it hard to hold the camera without being shaky. A tripod helps capture shots at the camera level. Just like a driver to his car, the tripod is a crucial element in your real estate photography business. It is an indispensable item. A tripod is important in capturing images at a low shutter speed. This will permit enough light to come in.

  1. Photo Editing Software

There is a number of editing software that may be very common to real estate photographers. They are also used by those who are engaged in similar business like computer graphics and computer-aided designs. Editing software is very popular to those who are doing digital graphic designs. They are used by those who keep updating their websites and social media videos, those students who are making assignments, and many more.

These programs are being used to enhance digital images, correct minor mistakes or remove photo blemishes. Adobe’s Photoshop is the most popular editing software in the market and is essential to every photographer’s life.

  1. External Flash Items

Every camera has a built-in pop-up flash. But this camera feature is not sufficient enough on giving great feel to real estate photography. More important in the interior part of a house, the proper setting for a real estate shoot needed extra flash. This is the very life of photography if there is no extra light around.

This external flash can easily be mounted directly on every camera. You can also have the option to place multiple flashes around an area inside a house. With the use of multiple flashes, it can light particular parts of the image you want to include in the picture.

  1. Light Meter

A light meter is a device that chooses for the correct exposure of a photo. This device will certainly allow the photographer to take the perfect aperture and shutter speed and this will allow the camera to take maximum exposure. With the help of a light meter, it lets all photographic scenes properly exposed.

  1. Photography Website

The digital world may be the reason why owning a website is important to a photographer. This is a part to which exposure to the internet is considered a tool which is essential in promoting the business.

Having an attractive website is what lures customers to visit it. Make it a point that the template you are using for your website will offer a complete package for everybody visiting your website.


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