Online Marketing is Imperative for Realtors Today

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In the United States, we are going through one of the most paralyzing experiences for the real estate business, and many other types of businesses, as well.  The Corona Virus is causing negative effects far beyond the health risk it poses to every human being. The negative impacts can be felt across all industries and may change the way we do business far into the future. The current state of mitigation has forced millions of Americans to stay home to flatten the curve of the virus’s impact on society. But this has basically shut the economy down and stopped home buyers and sellers from doing business. 

Historically, real estate is a “belly to belly” business. Realtors are out in the community showing homes for sale, taking listings, and working with clients. 

Now things have drastically changed, but people still need homes to live in and will be looking for the perfect home to buy down the road. 

That is why real estate agents who want to survive should take a serious look at their online marketing practices. 

Millions of people are at home and online looking at homes for sale that they can get a deal on when things get back to normal. Agents who are in front of their potential audience now will reap the benefits later. 

Let’s take a deeper look into how you can get yourself in front of buyers and sellers in today's world. 

Social Media

Everyone is on social media today. Most want to stay connected with loved ones, get updates on the virus, do their shopping, and more.

The traffic on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram has gone up exponentially because of the new stay-at-home circumstances in which we find ourselves. This means that Realtors who can give useful information about communities facing Corona Virus, or real estate market forecasts or other relative information, may gain an audience they can farm later.

If you already have a large social media following, make sure that you post useful information on all your platforms. Maybe giving people confidence about their home's current market value, along with what they can expect after the Corona Virus, would be helpful to people thinking of selling soon. 

You can establish your authority as a local agent more than ever by helping people in your community understand the market better through your expert knowledge. 

You may not have all the facts right now. But you can still be a guiding light for those who are concerned and want clarification. 

It’s important to gear your social media post towards your local community’s needs. This way you will build your local audience around your Real Estate business posts.

Google Ads

You can see the effects of the Corona Virus on Google because they have COVID-19 updates on their search results in just about every industry right now. 

Let the experts handle the facts about the virus.  However, Realtors can capture a big market share online by properly doing Google ads. For those who are not already familiar, Google ads are on a pay-per-click basis.  You can choose keywords relative to your real estate business, and Google will show your real estate website URL so that people see you first, above anyone else. 

Of course, there is a cost to doing Google ads that adds up quickly because, if you choose good keywords, then you will get a ton of clicks.

Still, so many people across the nation are at home searching online that Google ads are worth doing, provided you understand how. 

You can choose your target keywords, pick a monthly budget, and stop or pause your ads at any time.

Website SEO

Many real estate brokers, companies and agents are getting a lot of traffic from Search Engine Optimizing their websites. This isn’t something that can be done overnight and there are many different metrics involved with successful SEO sites. 

The art of optimizing a real estate website can be tricky, but when it is done right, it can be very productive. 

In fact, being on the first page of Google for the areas and communities you farm is a great way to find buyers and sellers near you. 

If you don’t have a website or don’t know how to do SEO work, then just search around online, and you will find many useful SEO guides to help. 

There is no time like the present to work on creating valuable content for your website based around neighborhoods, listings, or cities where you want more business. 

Email Marketing

Another great way to stay in contact with your established customer base is by email.  This won’t necessarily generate brand new leads. However, email marketing is one of the best ways to create new business from your sphere of influence. 

Realtors who update their client base about current market conditions, home values, and future market expectations, are building relationships with people who may have forgotten about you. 

Educate Yourself

For any of the online marketing processes to work, you need to become educated about the subject you’re putting out there. Don’t talk about market values if you don’t understand how they trend in your city. On the contrary, when you come across as the expert in your area by proving valuable information that people can use, you will become the agent they think of when the time is right.

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