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Kit homes under 10K solve a lot of problems for aspiring homeowners. Who doesn't want to have their own house - a place that you can call home that you may invite your family and friends to, host parties in, and decorate to your liking. However, it is a known fact that houses are really expensive to build or purchase. Kit homes are prefabricated homes that can be purchased as a "kit." You just visit a factory, or look through catalogs and order your kit home and it will be delivered to you in parts that you will then assemble. Kit homes come in all shapes and sizes, in various colors and designs, with different materials and features too. You may even get your kit home from Amazon. These kit homes definitely are solutions to the problem of expensive housing. They are also easy to build, are energy efficient, and sustainable. To own a kit home could also be your way of giving back to mother nature while saving extra money for yourself.

Cost of Building a Kit Home 

These kit homes may cost over $100,000 while some cost lower than $10,000. If you are planning to transition into the sustainable living kind of lifestyle, or if you are just short on money to buy a traditional house, kit homes provide a perfect alternative for you. These kit homes or prefab homes, tiny homes, or modular homes may be smaller than most regular homes but they still provide more space than you need. Think about people in countries like Japan where real estate is insanely expensive and living in small quarters is common.

These homes also promote tiny home living which incorporates the concepts of simplicity and minimalism. A lot people have dreamed of owning their own mansions since they were young but fell in love with tiny home living. This teaches us that less is more. You don't have to live in a big house to be happy. Your house does not have to be made out of concrete or some other material. Tiny homes are sustainable and they are still durable and could withstand even extreme weather conditions.

Why Kit Homes Makes Cents

If you are not convinced by tiny homes and you want a bigger house at less cost, there are kit homes that are larger in size too and look just like a normal house. These homes can still give you the space you need, even more than two bedrooms, and a second-floor! The only difference is that these homes are pre-designed and you'll only have to assemble them and not have them built from scratch on the land itself. As the demand for these creative kinds of dwellings is on the increase prices are coming down with the added competition entering the marketplace. 

Sustainable Living in Your Kit Home

Kit homes are designed specifically to promote sustainable lifestyles and sustainable building technology. The creation of prefab homes produce less carbon emissions. Some manufacturers of prefab homes even use more efficient materials and put solar panels into the kit homes. This means that you did not just save money on building your own home but you also get to save in the long run with utilities.

There are just so many reasons why a kit home is the way to go. Kit homes are usually priced per square foot which will give you a definite idea on how much your house would cost. With this, you can estimate and evaluate how much space you need and what size of prefab house is most appropriate for your lifestyle and family size. You may even choose the design of your kit house and you don't have to worry about the costs that much because they are relatively less expensive. You will get the design that you want! Kit homes are also easy and quick to build. If you need to have your own place ASAP, then a kit house is the way to go! Kit homes can be assembled faster than regular homes which means you'll have your own house in no time. With their assembly features, you may even move to a different place with the same house.

 Who Wants To Skip the 30 Year Mortgage Thing and Live in a Kit Home?

Kit homes are perfect for millennials who want to have their own space but could not afford regular housing. They are also perfect for couples who want to settle down and build families. On the other hand, these kit homes may even just be your vacation house on top of the hill or near a beach. You may have your kit home assembled by a professional or you may even do it yourself with the help of family members and your friends and it could be a great activity and project as well. With kit homes, you will be able to simply "add to cart" and as you checkout, you will have your own home!

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