Marketing Tips for New Real Estate Agents

Written by Ashley Sutphin Posted On Wednesday, 09 September 2020 05:00

When you’re a new real estate agent, it can be challenging to build up your client base and your reputation.

The majority of what you have to do to differentiate yourself is reliant on your marketing, because you may not have a huge network, a track record to show or as many referrals as an experienced agent might get.

You have to be creative in your marketing and attract new clients as you build your brand and your business.

Personal Brand

The biggest advantage you can give yourself as a new real estate agent is taking the time to develop your personal brand.

Your personal brand is how you’re going to grow your business. The goal is that you’re someone well-recognized in the community you work in, and that you have a reputation positioning you as a valuable resource in real estate.

When you establish and cultivate a personal brand, then you can have a cohesive marketing approach across all platforms. It ends up simplifying your marketing.

To build a personal brand, first, identify your targeted audience, and be as specific as possible here. Then develop a voice as if you are personally speaking to your targeted audience throughout all of your marketing content.

Developing a niche or an area that you specialize in is a good way to set yourself apart and also drive your larger marketing strategy. Maybe your niche is helping young families find homes in one particular neighborhood, for example.

Integrate Technology into What You Offer

The use of technology is convenient for agents, and it’s appealing from a marketing and branding standpoint to modern buyers and sellers.

Millennials, in particular, do much of their home search process online. Then, once they have an idea of what they’re looking for, they reach out to real estate agents.

When you’re communicating with your audience, keep this in mind. Use email, text, and social media to get in touch.

Make it easy for clients to contact you in the way they feel most comfortable.

Virtual tours are another way you can use technology and appeal to buyers, especially in the Millennial demographic. Get comfortable with virtual tour software, which can be especially valuable right now with coronavirus still impacting the world.

Use Professional Photos

Real estate marketing is almost entirely driven by quality photos and visuals.

If you work with a professional photographer, you can capture images that will work well across social media platforms.

This is also a good way to create a professional perception of yourself, particularly when you’re just starting out. Professional photos will convey that you’re polished and refined.

Create Content with Value

Because of how many people go online to research before they buy or even sell a home, you want to be where those people are when they’re searching.

A good way to achieve this is to create content such as blog posts and e-books.

When you’re creating content, you don’t want it to be overly “salesy.” Instead, you want it to truly add value to the lives of the people reading it.

If you create a blog, you’ll have regular content to share on social media, and you’ll be visible in search engines. You can also begin positioning yourself as an expert. Share information and knowledge your readers can’t get anywhere else.

Create Videos

A lot of marketing yourself as a real estate professional and attracting new clients relies on showing your personality.

Even if you don’t have a lot of experience but you have a great personality, you can quickly start to brand and build your business.

As part of this, make videos regularly of yourself talking about different things related to real estate or the market you serve.

You can also do video walk-throughs of properties you represent and show not only the house but your style.

Finally, like it’s a good idea to hire a professional photographer to work with you on an as-needed basis, you should also consider hiring a professional graphic designer.

A graphic designer can help you create elements of your personal brand like your logo and color scheme. They can help you design graphics for your blog and social media pages, and assist you with print marketing materials.

A professional graphic designer can make sure that your branding and marketing are all tied together well and aimed at your targeted audience.

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