Comping older homes in rural north GA

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 Once you get to the areas North of Atlanta houses get a little harder to comp out.  While most agents in Atlanta or Marietta can just pull up every other 3 bedroom 2 bath brick ranch house and have a price, North GA is different.  It's not unusual to have to go out to a 1-2 mile radios to get a comparable home.  This doesn't sound like a big distance but trust me it is.  Typically you only want to go out a quarter mile at the most.  And you need to stay in the same neighborhood.

Trouble Pricing Homes in north GA

So as you can see going out a mile can change a lot of factors.  Is the house on a busier road?  In a different school district? Even in a different county?  Sometimes it will just take some estimations on the Realtors part.  You need to subtract or add vales because of these factors.  Lets look at a few.


School District
On a busier road?
Lot size
Is the house located down hill
Construction type
Year built
Bedroom and bathroom count
Proximity to amenities

With Older homes we see many things coming up on inspections now in north GA.  Older house can have 2-wire electrical sysyems and 150 amp fuse boxes.  In this area we see older HVAC units that use R-22.  This refrigerant has been out lawed as of January 1st 2020.  This can make for difficult negotiations after inspections.  We can navigate these for you.  Suggesting the cost of replacements or simply just a service call.

Another big concern of buyers are ages of things like the Roof.  This can be anywhere from $4000-8000.  This might be the number one concern of newer home buyers.  Things like older water heaters are relatively inexpensive to get repaired.  Usually you can get a 50 gallon water heater installed with expansion tank for $750-800.

This is where or house flipping and construction knowledge come up.  These will help you a lot.  It doesn't hurt that most Realtors have no idea about these items.  We usually beat them up pretty good on negotiations.  We can also help you buy a new home. You should always interview a few Agents to find the right fit for you.  Make sure to ask the right questions and make sure they will make the time for you.


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