An Affordable Tiny House - The Perfect Remedy for A Job Loss

Written by Posted On Sunday, 13 December 2020 13:57

The coronavirus has done terrible things and losing a job has been just one – a major one. Losing your job can be horrific because it can be weeks, months or even years before you get another job. 

Sometimes it’s as though you’ve lost so much that you can never recover. Certainly, after a job loss, there are some things that one should do to try and survive.

Affordably moving company

Shifting to a small house may mean you selling off some of your furniture so as to fit into your new home. It means doing research and find a moving company that can provide you with competitive moving quotes.

Premiere Van Lines is one of Canada’s most experienced moving companies. It doesn’t matter where you’ve decided to move to – even to the other side of the world. You may want to sell your excess furniture, but if you can’t bear to part with it, Premiere offers safe, monitored storage facilities too. 

They’ve also got special crates with protective coverings to ensure all fragile items of yours arrive safe and intact on the other side. You’ve lost your job which is a huge worry, and with Premiere Van Lines, you don’t need to add another worry to your list as they’re as safe as houses. 

Share your plans

When you lose a job, it will become obvious. Your family and friends will find out about it sooner or later. So it is better to be open and honest about it and tell them that you’ve lost your job and are looking to move to a smaller place. 

Among your family and friends are some genuine carers and they want to help where they can – advising about job opportunities and looking out for properties that they know will suit your style, even though it may be smaller.

Your self-esteem may well have taken a battering, but with the support of caring people, you can share the process of downscaling and not have it all bottled inside you. 

Take a hard look at your finances

Without the certainty of a salary coming in, your finances are going to be tighter than ever. The federal government have done their thing and rolled out programs to help people in financial distress, and in fact, the Trump administration moved to ban residential evictions for 2020. 

You need to look at your situation from every angle and see how long your emergency funds will last, particularly if you don’t get a job soon. 

Once you start getting an idea of what your household expenses are and are likely to be in a small place, you can decide what kind of a small home you will be looking at with the idea of moving there to ease up your current financial status. .

A smaller house means fewer worries

Once you move to a smaller home and you’ve sold off some of your furniture, you may even wonder why you needed so much space in the first place. It’s quite possible you had a pool at your bigger home, but moving to your smaller home without a pool will mean tremendous savings for you as a swimming pool is costly to run and keep clean.

A big house comes with higher property taxes and maintaining a larger home costs more. Downsizing when you’ve lost a job makes perfect sense if you want to save money and also simplify your life. 

Choosing a smaller home can very well save you money on your monthly utility bills, and when you do get a job again, you’ll quite possibly be reluctant to move again to a large place. 

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