Achieving Success as a Commercial Real Estate Agent

Written by Posted On Wednesday, 03 February 2021 23:39

A real estate agent has to keep current with local and regional market activities, and if you’re looking for commercial property to buy, you want readily available information of every kind of property there is. If you know of a real estate agent who does a great job for customers, there will be repeat business and referrals. 

Market yourself

Buying commercial property is a major undertaking so you want an estate agent who is the right package. Such an agent has all the latest market knowledge at the tips of their fingers.

Knowing the average sales price of properties and how long they’re generally on the market will help the agent to educate and communicate confidently with buyers and sellers. Keep up to date with industry news on local and national markets. 

Appealing photos

Photos are an important part of real estate. Bright, clear photographs need to catch the eye of someone sifting through countless commercial property listings. 

Video walkthroughs will provide the property buyer with more insight into how a property is represented. A professional photographer can even help you with shots taken from a drone. Such photography will give a prospective buyer some insight into what a property really looks like.

Compliant with laws and regulations

A good commercial real estate agent has up-to-the-minute information on current laws and regulations. These rules can be a deterrent for people wanting to invest in commercial real estate.

Taxes and maintenance are examples of things that aren’t clearly understood and the requirements of them shift from state to state. You want a real estate agent with specialized knowledge on everything related to buying and selling commercial property. 

Always contactable

If you need to find a commercial property quickly, you need a real estate agent with who you can keep in touch with constantly because time is of the essence. 

Look into a real estate phone system so that wherever your estate agent is and whatever phone they use, they are contactable. With a simple to use virtual phone system used from any mobile device and any web browser, your favorite real estate agent is always available. 

There’s nothing complicated with Talkroute’s phone system either – no contracts, no complicated installations, no fees and no spending a fortune on new equipment. This virtual phone system is perfect if you want to make a huge success of being a with-it, go-getter real estate agent.

Good negotiation skills

Apart from having a good telephone system, as already mentioned, you want a commercial real estate agent who possesses good negotiation skills. It’s important because the agent is representing the interests of the client. The agent needs to be able to negotiate the best terms and prices for their clients looking for a good deal. 

The online world is an integral part of any business, and you'll need it if you're going to market yourself and your properties in the real estate world.

Up to date with the latest technology

A real estate agent in the 21st century can’t get by without technology. Being a commercial real estate agent in today’s world requires having a website to connect with buyers and sellers. Customer relationship management (CRM) software can help sales professionals keep track of customers. The software is used by real estate agents to manage- and communicate with clients. 

Business buyers search online when looking to buy commercial property and as an estate agent, you need to know where leads come from and what they’re wanting, which is where CRM becomes so useful. 

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