If you Snooze, you Lose!

Written by Posted On Saturday, 19 October 2013 13:54

Do you have commitment issues? Often experience buyer’s remorse? Can’t pull the trigger? If you answer yes to any of these questions then you need to go hibernate until the next buying season. This market is not for the faint of heart. If you’re a serious buyer never say the words, “I’ll go look at it on MLS tour, I’ll see it after I get back from my weekend trip, I need to wait until my husband can go, I’ll go look at it on Sundays open house…..get the picture.

This current real estate market has been out of control but has somewhat calmed down….that’s not to say you should  delay in making that offer if you find the right house! It’s understandable that buyers need to make sure they have looked at all the inventory, but if you hesitate in making an offer when you think you’ve found the right house, you will probably lose it. The best houses get snapped up immediately even when the frenzied market has cooled. Inventory is still low and there are more buyers than houses.


Trust me, a good Realtor knows this is the biggest purchasing decision a buyer can make and sometimes you just need to sleep on it. But be prepared to miss the house…talk about remorse! You have to trust your Realtor if they tell you to act quickly. Be available at the drop of a hat to go see a new listing or hip pocket. If your Realtor is on top of the market, she/he will know about homes before they even hit the market. This is no market for part time Realtors….you need to be working with an experienced Realtor  who has their ear to the ground, networks with other agents and is in tune to the market.

Once you find your dream home, act quickly and write up the cleanest offer that you can. Hopefully you have your financing in place, you don’t have anything to sell and can be flexible on a closing date. Don’t ask for the sun and the moon. Write a nice letter to the seller to be presented along with your offer, telling them how much you love their home. It will be warmly received if they happen to get multiple offers.

Put your trust in the hands of a seasoned Realtor. It’s their job to find you the house of your dreams, not to waste your time showing you properties that won’t interest you. When you find it, act quickly and listen to your Realtor on how to write the cleanest offer. I always try to coach my clients to be prepared, be available and act fast!

No snoozing on my watch!

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