7 Lessons About Home Renovations You Need To Learn

Written by Posted On Tuesday, 22 October 2013 16:30

Whether you are renovating your home to up the value or to finally start making all of those changes you talked about when you first moved in, it's time to sit back and learn a few lessons before you begin. Home renovations are costly, time consuming but ultimately gratifying when you see your hard earned results. Here are 7 lessons you need to learn before you start your next home renovation:

planning1. Plan it out! Don’t just start tearing down walls and asking questions later. Decide what projects you’ll be taking on, plan out your budget (if you’re hiring a contractor, make sure you factor in labor costs), and think about how your renovations long term. Consider what you’re working on now, what you might want to add later and make sure there is consistency in your final home vision.

2. Don’t buy cheap materials. There is a time and place for cutting corners but that’s not when you’re buying materials. You’re taking the time and effort to renovate which means you’re committed to improving the quality of your home. You want to make your house bigger, better, more valuable and ultimately what you wanted all along. In order to achieve that, you need to buy good durable materials so your renovations will stand the test of time.


3. Keep it Classic. When choosing colors, décor, patterns and even materials don’t go too trendy. What’s in right now might not always be. You don’t want to be renovating again in just a year because you’re already sick and tired of what you chose. Also, buyers might not have the same taste as you so you want to keep any design ideas classic and universally appealing.

4. You will fail. Renovations will take longer than you thought. You will find water damage, bad piping, electrical problems, SOMETHING that you didn’t expect. Be prepared for the process of running into these problems and working through them as you go.

5. Go green when you can
. There are several benefits to going green in your home including a smaller monthly electric bill, incentive for future home buyers and a happy and healthy atmosphere for you and your family. Check out some tips on going green in your home for ideas on how to save money and the environment when you’re renovating.

curb_appeal6. Don’t forget about curb appeal.
 This doesn't mean that you have to landscape your front yard but take into account renovations that will affect the outer appearance of our home. You want the outside to look just as fabulous as your brand new inside. For example, pay the most attention to the windows that face the street. You want your home to have good curb appeal for potential buyers down the road if you sell and windows can make a big impact. Think big, open and inviting.

17. Don’t fight the design of your home.
 If your home has a small cottage feel, don’t try to make it too modern because you think that’s what buyers want. Stay true to the style that you fell in love with which your home naturally has. Along those lines, make sure your new renovations match the neighborhood as well; not just in design, but also in value.  Just because your home’s value has appreciated, doesn't mean that the entire neighborhood’s prices have too. A lone million dollar home in a $600,000 neighborhood may not sell for the million dollar price tag because homeowners looking to spend that much aren't browsing on your block.


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