6 Tips for Staging Your Home in the Fall

Written by Posted On Thursday, 14 November 2013 13:46

The days might be shorter, the weather colder and, in the great state of Washington, the rain more frequent but that doesn't mean homes aren't selling. Fall is a time people envision themselves curled up on a couch or covered in warm blankets or enjoying the torrential rain fro the inside of their comfortable living room. The correct staging can help potential home buyers see themselves doing all those things in your home and, in turn, help you turn your "For Sale" sign to "Sold".

Here are 6 easy-to-do quick tips on how to stage for that perfect autumn sale.

1. Seasonal Decorations: While over-decorating can make a potential buyer feel like they’re in the seasonal isle of a department store, a few tasteful autumn accents can create that warm and inviting feeling capable of transforming a house into a home. From fall foliage to simple seasonal baskets, the simplest of details can make the greatest difference.


2. Use Warm Colors: A fresh coat or two of paint is always a good idea when preparing your home for a sale. This fall, a cream or caramel can easily be paired with subtle browns, burn oranges and vibrant reds to create a comfortably warm environment that’s just too relaxing to pass up.



3. Brag with Lighting: The darker days and gloomier evenings can make it difficult for you to showcase the highlights of your home. Make sure to bring in and position extra lamps for those shadowed places, keep windows clear to bring in as much natural light as possible, and be mindful of the time that sun will set.


4. Pumpkin All The Things: Let’s face it, nothing says Fall like pumpkins. From the smell of Pumpkin Spiced Lattes to the playful decorations that align walkways, hallways, and mantles, there’s just something about a pumpkin that evokes the kid in all of us. Modest pumpkin decorations can help a potential buyer envision future Halloweens, Thanksgivings, and memorable moments in the home they’re viewing.


5. Autumn Smells: Remember, it isn’t just the eyes you’re appealing to. All the senses need to be remembered and tended to when showing your home. From cinnamon to apples to pumpkins to salted caramel, you can recreate the beauty of fall with a few well-placed scented candles.


6. It’s All About Comfort: A warm, inviting, and comfortable atmosphere won’t only help potential buyers envision themselves relaxing in their new home on a cold fall day, it will also encourage them to stay at a viewing longer, therefore giving them more ample time to admire, compare, and fall in love. Layering blankets, adding pillows, and turning on a fireplace (if you have one) can emphasize the level of comfort your home can provide.


Fall is the time to sell and how you stage your home can make that sale all the easier. Remember, it doesn’t just matter how you market your home. It matters who you work with.

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