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How to Find Secure Storage for an Upcoming Move

Written by Posted On Thursday, 21 November 2013 02:32


Secure storage is essential if you are planning on moving to another city or another state and you want to leave a few belongings behind or you cannot bring all of your belongings to your new space. Most homeowners who are trading down to a smaller space will face the problem of fitting everything into a smaller space, which will naturally necessitate the need for a temporary storage option.

How to Find Secure Storage

There are many options for storage since you can find storage companies that are likely operating in your area. Bigger cities have more options when it comes to storage companies but you also have to make sure that these facilities are secure enough for your belongings. It is important to look at your options since you can find affordable storage options but these may not offer the security features you want. Ask if they have cameras installed, if a guard is posted at all hours of the day, and the kind of security features that protect your specific storage space. Storage companies that offer a complete security package may cost you more compared to companies that simply offer a padlock for your unit, but if you are storing precious family heirlooms and other valuable items, it is a good idea to opt for pay more for better security features and professionals that are empathetic (definition of empathy), share and understand what you’re going through and your concerns. If you found the perfect place, but can’t get everything you need than turn on your charm and try to negotiate to get a better deal. Knowing how to communicate to negotiate (interpersonal skills definition) better terms will help you make your life and moving easier. The features you need for a good storage company with the right security options include:

  • 24-hour security

  • security cameras

  • secure and safe location

  • door alarms

  • perimeter fencing

  • ample lighting

  • 24-hour Internet access to video security footage

If you are planning on storing very important items such as jewelry, legal documents, family heirlooms, and even wine, there are storage units that have their own sophisticated security features as well as climate control for wines and important documents. You can find some units that use biometric scanning to ensure that only you will have access to your unit. If you are storing temperature-sensitive items such as documents, leather goods and furniture, you will need a secure storage option with climate control. With climate control the entire unit's temperature is kept at the right range to ensure that the contents of the unit do not deteriorate.

Check your insurance for storage options

There are homeowners or renters insurance that cover storage expenses so check your insurance for this provision. Secure units may cost more than regular storage units so you have to know how much you are expected to spend for a more secure unit. It is also important to pay storage fees on time. With the higher cost for secure storage units, you are expected to make regular payments or else the storage company can confiscate your belongings and auction them off. Be familiar with state regulations regarding storage units and your responsibilities as a renter before signing a contract with any rental company. Whether you are moving to another city or a new state, you will likely need reliable storage options if your belongings cannot be accommodated by your new space. Fortunately, you can choose from many storage companies that offer very secure units for your precious belongings like this one in Auckland.


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