Common Seller FAQs in Sarasota, Florida

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It is not easy to sell a house, however, appealing to the real estate market makes it much easier. When you are preparing to sell a home in Sarasota there are many questions you may ask yourself whether you are a first time seller or not. In this article we try to uncover the answers to those questions often asked by a seller during the selling process.

1. What is the home selling process like?

The home selling process is complicated, but with the correct advice and guidance it is easily navigated. It all starts by a decision to sell your home. Consider what is happening in the market and what the best path of action is for you personally. Decide whether it would be better to buy a new home after or before selling your home.

2. What is the best time to sell a house?

A well-prepared property will sell all year-round. Considering economic factors and the state of the market, any time of the year can be manipulated for a sale. Spring is traditionally a time when the real estate market is hot, but there is also a lot on the market at this time. Mostly during summer, at end of July and August the market tends to be slow as the real estate professionals and the buyers tend to be on vacation. After summer, sales pick up, till November before people go on vacation again. If you must sell at a particular time of the year, just make sure to prepare through research on seasonal buyer trends.

3. Should I use a real estate agent?

Yes, it wise to use an real estate agent. An agent is in charge of the marketing, completing the legal requirements of selling the property and helping you through negotiations. If you are professionally prepared to do so then a real estate agent may not be for you. But otherwise, it is of utmost importance to involve an agent in the sale in order to avoid issues. However, make sure to use an agent who is a seller's agent and well versed in your area with many area sales to their name.

4. How long will it take to sell on average?

Well, selling the house needs patience. If the home is priced well and according to comparable homes on the market, as well as all of the necessary fixes and updates completed, it should sell promptly. There is no definite time in selling a house, only steps to take in order to avoid staying on the market too long such as those previously mentioned.

5. How much should I list the house for sale?

The main step in listing your house for sale is knowing your home value in the market. This is found out through a home appraisal. In a favorable market the selling price can be above the appraisal value by 10 to 15 percent. In an unfavorable market, the price may be revolving around the appraisal figure. An agent will and should use a comparative market analysis to weigh out other comparable homes in the area in order to price wisely.

6. What factors affect the sale of a home?

Badly priced homes will scare away buyers. So this is such an important first step to take seriously. Do not price your home way above comparables because chances are it will sit on the market. The home condition is the second factor affecting the value of your home. A home in good condition with necessary updates, a well maintained yard, newer roofing and appliances is good to go. Other factors such as proximity to main roads, shopping centers and schools are also of utmost importance.

7. How do I prepare my home?

First and foremost is to make all the necessary repairs. Either stage the home or make sure to clean all of your personal clutter out if you are living in the house during the selling process. To ensure curb appeal take care not only in your own yard, but pay close attention to the appearance of your neighbor's yards as well.  


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