How to Land New Projects in Construction

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Regardless of the fact that the construction industry is one of the most long-lasting employment options for people, we can’t say that it is easy to find work in this branch. Obviously, the competition is fierce and every individual team needs to make a strong effort to open new options and new projects for themselves. Sometimes the transition from one project to another goes smoothly but this doesn't happen that often. There are some things you can do to put yourself in a situation in which you will be able to pick from a number of potential, new projects instead of grabbing for the first one that you run into. You want to be in the position in which people chase you to start on new projects instead of doing it the other way around. This takes time and planning though. First, you need to make sure that you offer the highest quality of work as possible. This includes a couple of things:


This is the basic attribute of any good business. You have to be able to validly anticipate the time that will be necessary to finish a certain project and never, under no circumstances, break that deadline. Being late is never good and it can cost you your professional reputation and you may miss a future engagement because you lagged behind with work.


Good work is the best calling card you can have in construction, since your finished projects kind of tend to stick around. Not only will you provoke people to recommend you for future projects, you will also be able to show off your work to potential new clients. If you leave a good impression on you previous employer you can even ask them to share their experience with your potential new customers.


The construction industry is one of the most dangerous ones. When doing projects in urban areas, you have to pay attention to public safety as well as the safety of your workers. A good safety track record is a crucial element of both punctuality and quality and it reflects on your reputation. The lack of an effective strategy can provoke legal issues and cause complications with organizing safety mechanisms. Badly regulated safety leaves room for more common and more severe accidents and this can cause long delays and can leave a bad taste in the mouths of the people who hired you for the project. New contacts and new opportunitiesIt is important that you get your name out there. You won’t be able to get new work if nobody has ever heard of you, regardless of the quality of your work. It is not a bad idea to invest a bit into marketing and advertisements. You could also try a more direct approach and try to make some connections.

A helping hand

It is not an uncommon occurrence that some contractor bites more than he or she can handle. In these cases, they usually hire a sub-contractor and you can ask around and see if one of your “competitors” needs some help finishing a project. In some cases, big contracting companies sometimes need to focus on a more important project and they “outsource” the entire project to another contractor. The governmental projectsAlthough there is a lot of paperwork you need to take care of before you can apply for governmental projects, this can be a great new market for you. The complexity of the entire procedure varies from country to country, but it is never simple to land one of these projects. Be that as it may, these projects are very lucrative and are a great item to have in your portfolio.

The Web

You have to adapt to the times you live in. A lot of business is done over the Web. There are business social networks, like LinkedIn, which are there to bring together people who need work in a certain niche with people who are looking for professionals to complete a certain project. The digital sphere is something you need to utilize in order to remain competitive. It is basically about establishing valid connection and focusing on building up your reputation and things should run smoothly.

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