5 steps to start/promote your Real Estate business

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Starting your own business may seem extremely hard, stressful and demanding, but only if you look at it that way. If you approach your task in an absolutely opposite way, you might get some fun out of it, apart from probable success. It’s in your best interest to do it as quick and as effectively as possible, and to do it right. Also, starting and promoting a new business can always run into some impediments along the way, but you should be as persistent as you can be and not give up on your task, because otherwise you will never know where it could have taken you if you hadn't given up. I am not going to lie and say it’s easy to start a new business – it’s not, but if you’re well organized and prepared to fully commit yourself to it, then your job is half done. Here are five steps (guides) to both start and promote your new business, whichever it is.

Firstly, how and where can you get advice on starting your business? You are able to fully take advantage of a broad range of support your Government offers. It’s your obligation to inform and train yourself and your staff on how to start something that is supposed to grow soon. You can use the Advisor Finder. It can help you find government business advisory services in your area. A piece of advice: Don’t ask for random information. It would be good if you already know what you need explained, meaning that you already have an idea about what your business should look like. You can also find some training courses/workshops online.


Secondly, you have to have the right licenses and registrations. That is the primary thing. Having these pieces of documentation is that one, but big step towards conducting your business to success. What you should do next is decide on your business structure and registration for taxation.  The Australian Business License and Information Service, (ABLIS) is, for example, one of the best places in Australia where you can find licenses, permits and a lot of other interesting things and more information you need.


One more boring thing you have to do, before you start indulging in some fun details when starting a firm is to make sure you can get a loan, just to get your business going. But the questions are where?and how?You can have various contacts (contacts and connections are very important to have while starting a business, because you can be supported, noticed, or helped if needed at times like these). Otherwise, you should look for information online and you should compare loan options. When you find a potential money lending body, you need to decide on the amount of money you would borrow and whether you need it upfront or at call. More or less, you have to pay attention that the loans meet your needs in starting and developing your business.

Here come the fun parts! Assuming your business is going quite well, but you need more, because you won’t settle for ordinary, when you’re done dealing with all the technical stuff, the thing you have to make sure is how to make your business innovative and different than the other ones, either in or out of the same field. Create something new! Think of ways to creatively expand what you’re doing! Switch roles with a customer and think what would make your business cooler and more approachable! Encourage your staff to be creative! Everyone can be a part of the team! You can also change and modify the things that already exist. Now that your business is “alive” you can see what is right or wrong in practice. Do something that will create a buzz in the industry! These are just some suggestions. You are free to think of anything you want in order to make everything innovative, but always be creative because creativity is what sells!

The most fun and relaxing, but very important part is how you sell/promote everything that you've created. Let’s say you've got everything going. You have an existing firm. Now what? Everything that you've done is nothing if nobody has ever heard of you. Marketing is everything! You have to sell what you do! You can do loads of things, but you have to think of the best way to promote your business around your area. The best way is to give your customer your personalized promo pens, non woven bags, stress shapes, water bottles even, in order to remind them that you’re trustworthy. As I mentioned, non woven bags for example are fashionable free giveaways that are a great way to get your customers’ attention and keep them interested until you have your chance to show them what you have to offer. This makes you look caring and involved in your customers’ needs, as you should be if you are truly running an honest business here. If you want to go worldwide, you might want to consider TV commercials, online promotions, etc…

If you go by these five “rules” and with a bit of luck, you are very likely to be big one day. The thing is, you shouldn't sit around and daydream (we both know how wonderful this all sounds). What you should do is motivate yourself in any way possible and start from the very beginning. I hope this was enough motivation and help! Good luck!

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