5 Ways to Enhance Your Home with Feng Shui

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Feng Shui is the ancient art of creating harmony and positive energy in a space. You will find that if you follow the principles of feng shui, your living space will be more comfortable and appealing. It doesn't even matter if you believe in esoteric principles or not. Let's look at some ways to transform the different areas of your home.


1. Entryway


The entrance to a home is extremely important, as this is where both residents and visitors enter a living space every day. You want to make this area as inviting as possible. You can start by making sure this space is clean, neat and uncluttered. If the front door needs painting, if there are cobwebs in the doorway or if the wood on the front porch needs replacing, these can all block the flow of energy.


An entryway can be enhanced by an attractive door mat, plants or flowers on the front porch, and new hardware on the front door. You should take a look at the view in front of your door and think about how it could feel more welcoming.


2. Kitchen


The kitchen is often considered the center or heart of a home, as this is where people tend to cook, eat and spend time with company. You can keep the energy flowing in your kitchen by making sure everything is neat and that food and dishes are put away when not being used. The kitchen should feel spacious at all times. You should also make sure that plenty of light enters the room during the day.


Having healthy and fresh foods around also contributes to the energy of the kitchen. This is also good for your body when you eat these foods too, of course!


3. Bedroom


Bedrooms should be designed in a restful and relaxing manner. For this reason, it should be free of TV and other electronic devices as much as possible, as well as anything related to work or business. Try to keep computers, financial data and other items related to practical life in other areas of the home.


The colors used in each bedroom should be soothing and not overly energetic. This goes for the walls, floors and ceiling. The same goes for any artwork or decorations around the room.


Having a comfortable and sturdy bed is also essential. You should be able to enter your bed from either side. For balance, it's good to have an end table on either side of the bed.


4. Bathroom


First of all, the bathroom should be kept as clean as possible at all times. Keep drains plugged and the toilet seat down to prevent the escape of energy. Feng shui is all about balancing the elements, and bathrooms tend to have an excess of the water element.


To prevent any imbalance of energy, make sure that sinks and bathtubs are kept as dry as possible when not in use. You can also add the earth element by using different colors in the room. Rugs, towels and mats, for example, can contain colors such as brown, green and gold to create some earth energy in the bathroom.


5. Home Office


From a feng shui point of view, it's good to have a home office. This gives you a place to focus on business so that you don't use the bedroom, living room or kitchen for this purpose. Ideally, the home office should be as far from your bedroom as possible. The room where you sleep should not be getting the active flow of energy that a home office will produce.


When working in your home office, you want your desk to be strategically positioned. A desk should not be near the door or in direct line with it. Nor do you want to be facing a wall. It's best to have your back to the wall so you can see out into the room.


For feng shui in the home office, you also want the room to be as well organized and uncluttered as possible. Additionally, symbols of your goals and objectives should be visible from where you work. This can be anything from motivational posters to artwork containing positive symbols.



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