7 Tips For Making A Seamless Move With Your Kids

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Moving into a new home is a complicated and certainly emotional process. Not only do you have to find the right home for you and your family, you also have to pack up and relocate your entire life when it’s time to move in. Going through this process is difficult enough and when you add kids into the equation - things get even tougher.

Leaving friends behind, organizing schedules and remembering every single toy are just a few of the challenges that come along with moving to a new home with your kids. Here are some practical tips for you so you can be sure nothing falls through the cracks and the whole process goes off without a hitch – or at least close to it. For more tips on moving check out 10 Tips for moving with pets.


1. Make a to-do list. Make a to-do list and stick to it in order to help you stay organized and on schedule when things start to get hectic during your move. Whether you kick it old school and write it out by hand in a special notebook or make a list on your iPhone, putting everything down in writing will help you remember. Be sure to make one for yourself and one for the kids as well. In fact, have the kids make their own so they feel like a part of the moving process and in control of the situation. Be specific on your to-do list by adding dates when you need to have things done.


2. Let your kids help you pack. Don’t be afraid to let you kids help in the packing process, you don’t have to tackle it alone. Depending on their age they may need some adult supervision, but asking for their help is a great way to get them involved in the moving process. Giving them the task of helping pack their own belongings is great because it teaches them responsibility and accountability. It will also take the burden of remembering all of their stuffed animals off of your shoulders!


3. Time your move. Sometimes it’s a new job or financial constraints that dictate our timing, but not always. While you can’t always control when you need to make a move, when you can choose, it’s best to pick a calm period in your children's life and yours.  This could mean waiting until you’re done potty training or school is out for the summer. Timing your move well can make this stressful time much more manageable. If you’re trying to battle holiday pageants, changing sleep schedules or after school activities, it can add unnecessary complications to the moving process.


4. Pack their favorite things last.Treasured and sentimental items make you feel happy and at home, so keep those things out as long as possible for your kids. When you plan out a packing schedule and add it to your to-do list, plan to pack things you don’t need first. Start with miscellaneous items at the back of your hall closets and clothes you won’t need right away and work your way up to packing up the kids’ favorite toys and comfy bean-bag chair. Keeping out their favorite things until the last minute keeps your house from feeling cold and scary when you’re moving out.


5. Maintain routines. Routines are extremely important for kids and so it’s crucial to keep them intact as much as you can during the moving process and in your new home. Keep bedtimes the same, maintain your weekly family night dinners with the grandparents and any other routines your family has. Maintaining routines for the kids gives them a sense of control and security in their lives which is especially important during this time of change.


6. Explore your new home together. Before you move or once you arrive, explore your new neighborhood, city, area, whatever. Go out for a movie, check out the parks nearby and try a new restaurant in town. By exploring as a family you will make fun, new memories and turn the moving process into an exciting adventure. Exploring will be a positive experience for the kids and something to look forward to in order to help ease the transition and take emphasis away from what they’re leaving behind.


7. Make your new house a home. By adding your family’s personal touches to your new house first, you make it your new home and a happy, comfortable place to be. This doesn't mean you need to rush to unpack everything the day you move in; you just have to unpack the most important things first. Hang up family photos, display your children’s art work and take out the personal things that made your old house a home. If you don’t get all of your clothes unpacked right away it’s ok, they can wait.

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