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If you are the kind of person, who dares to experiment with the most elegant and lavish home decorating items then you would probably keep fishing for fresh ideas unless you get the desired look. From elegant draperies that fall beautifully in your drawing room to Persian carpets spread across elegantly to welcome your guests, there is no dearth of unique and really smart interior design ideas when it comes to redecorating home. Given below are some innovative ideas that might catch your inquisitive mind.

Fine-looking Draperies

If you feel that your surroundings look a bit classic or ancient then why not try having some fine-looking curtains and draperies that can effectively change the overall ambience. Choose some subtle combinations and styles to carry on the desired effect for each room. The market is so full of some high quality imported fabrics from Australia, China, Belgium, Turkey and United Kingdom. However, the choice of fabric, colour and texture depends entirely on you. For e.g. a calm person won’t like very bright colors in his/her room. On the contrary, those who love colors might like bright contrasts against a lighter background. And then, there are those who prefer to have a dramatic look by adding the finishing touch with braids, poles, eyelets, decorative scallops or pulls to the curtains to blend with the setting schemes perfectly.

Afghan or Persian Carpets
If you amongst those who want the most lavish items for their home to show off class and standard then don’t miss the chance of having a Persian carpet or Afghan carpet spread across your drawing room. Persian or Afghan carpets are among the most artistic crafts done entirely by hands. They can give life and color to an otherwise dull environment by adding a touch of elegance.

Modern Blinds

There are many of us who find maintenance of curtains difficult, so why not have them replaced with some beautiful, Roller Blinds, Vertical blinds or PVC blinds. Blinds are a very practical and modern window treatment solution. Blinds also help control light intensity and heat entering the rooms. Nowadays you can find some of the most exclusive blind designs in the market that can suit all types of interior design schemes. Perhaps they can also compliment your curtains and drapes. 

Flossy Doors and Posh Furniture

A bit expensive redecoration items, flossy doors and posh furniture have now become a symbol of modern home. In order to have the desired look, the color combinations should be unique and different. Try using blue, green or white for your doors. The furniture should be well placed so that the interiors look spacious and not clustered. Also, bear in mind that you don’t end up filling up the entire space with too much of furniture and other decoration items. 

There are so many ideas that can be used to decorate both old and new homes. Be creative and become a trend setter instead of following the league.

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