Enhance Your Bathroom Designing Ideas with Chinese Designer Sanitary Ware

Written by Posted On Monday, 13 January 2014 22:21

Sanitary ware from China promises immaculate quality, durability and scratch-resistant properties while being much cheaper than their European branded counterparts. Although often made to mirror the European sanitary ware brands the Chinese products are nevertheless high in quality, the cheaper rates only echoing the large availability of resources in the nation.
If you are thinking of a complete bathroom revamp to boost the resale value of your home getting it accoutered with sanitary ware from China can be a stylish as well as cost-effective bathroom designing solution. China sanitary ware is known for their innovative designs while being extremely durable in quality. Although you might be under the notion that they are mere replicas of the European styles and patterns and might therefore, be inferior standards, the truth is Chinese manufacturers take extreme care to pay attention to quality. The result is toilet bowls, bath tubs, wash basins and shower units of impeccable designs echoing the top European branded products but available at much cheaper prices.

There is no dearth of sanitary ware manufacturing companies in the nation among which several have made their own trademarks in the world market and undertake export of goods from China to over 200 countries across the world. The craftsmanship of the Chinese artisans is well evident in the way the goods are made flawlessly by taking the help of au courant technologies and of course imbuing every product with their own creativity. Such is the confidence of these artisans in their capabilities that they do not feel daunted imitating their superior European counterparts with equal perfection.  With prices almost one-fourth of the European brands you can get to embellish your bathroom with fixtures, bath tubs and basins of stylish patterns that look equally good as their European counterparts.

However, many have notions about Chinese products being inferior in quality because of their apparent low costs. If you too are hesitant about getting sanitary ware from China thinking of their poor quality, well, it is time that you know that in spite of the low price the products are high in quality. Top manufacturers of sanitary ware who have made a mark in the world market such as Niagara, RICH, Leader, Eago, Huida Ceramic Group and the likes make it a point not to compromise on money when it comes to buying high-end equipment and production tools for manufacturing the goods. The sanitary goods are therefore extremely durable in nature and resistant to scratches and chipping. Thu investing in such products will mean you do not have to undergo an overhaul of your bathroom for several years down the line.

The best places to go hunting for Chinese sanitary ware are the tradeshows and events held in some of the hubs of the nation such as Shaghai, Heibei, Henan and Guangdong. The manufacturers create immaculate designs of bathroom fixtures made of acryl, ceramic, faience, marble along with glass, metal and plastics for enhancing the décor. One such event ‘Ceramics, Tile and Sanitary Ware China’ is held every year in Shanghai and witnesses an influx of over 90,000 visitors including individual buyers as well as those related to hospitality sectors. Such tradeshows are one-stop shop and sourcing niches for sanitary ware for decorating homes and villas and providing design solutions for restaurants, hotels, shopping plazas and clubs. Attending these tradeshows gives you the opportunity to browse through innumerable choices of sanitary products of top Chinese brands which export goods from China, while obtaining them at prices that are amazingly low.

So go ahead and give your bathroom a touch of modernity blended with traditional Asiatic flavors by getting all your sanitary ware and bathroom fixtures from the Chinese soil.

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David Gorol is Sales manager of Guangzhou HK Trade Group which is covering vast area in China. The Company offers international business groups with sourcing services to carry out a business in the Chinese territory such as translator in Guangzhou, sourcing services in china etc. For more information please visit the site-http://www.csinprc.com/

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