5 Home Improvement Ideas That Can Increase Your Homes Value

Written by Posted On Tuesday, 14 January 2014 12:46

Great Return on Investment (ROI) in home improvement depends on the approach of the homeowner or first-time buyer. If the homeowner or buyer seeks to make improvements on a home to increase value, he or she must approach any project planning to create a welcoming appeal and build toward energy efficiency.


In remodeling, the wise homeowner understands that an up-to-date appeal is better than expansive and exquisite design. In building toward green efficiency, homeowners create a money-saving appeal; but then, taking a balanced approach in green remodeling is also necessary when looking to get a good ROI.


Invest in Important Repairs

Plumbing, proper ventilation, touch-up painting and sustainable foundation repair are among some important projects that will immediately boost the value of your home. Avoid getting offers for a fix-it-up-and-flip-it home. A properly cared for home has an appeal of its own.


Front Yard Makeover

According to statistics, homeowners make a decision on a home within seven seconds of stepping through the front door. However, before reaching the front door, the landscaping has already made the first impression. The potential of a landscape makeover is almost boundless; additions can range from planting a small bush to adding a miniature golf course. Here, moderation is best. You want to hint at the potential of what can be done, leaving space for the imagination and creativity of the potential buyer.


Solar Paneling

Solar paneling is rising in remodeling circles as one of the best energy-saving investments to initiate. Currently, the average costs of equipment and installation are quite formidable, averaging at $55,000 per home (over an average of 600 sq. ft.).


The advantages to solar paneling are obvious. Some testifiers boast of "reverse energy costs" during the Summer months. Others have experienced the gratification of having energy during power outages and providing a warm place and sufficient shelter for other families. As discussed, however, the costs can push the ROI out passed a few years. Solar paneling is a long-term investment.


Yet, there are alternatives to paneling in order to meet the demand in fueling the entire home. One major appliance, such as a hot water heater, can be solar powered for a lot less paneling and a heap of savings



While rooftop solar paneling is on the rise, the costs of preparation and installation delay ROI for many years. A less expensive and effective alternative to solar paneling would be old fashioned insulation. A well-insulated home is a good selling point for those living in areas where winters can be harsh.


Modern Kitchen

As long as there are people who love to cook, there will be good potential ROI in kitchen remodeling. One caveat to kitchen remodeling is that you will remodel to your taste; and that may not fit the taste of a potential buyer. However, a remodeled-to-taste modern-looking kitchen is not as much of a turn-off as a cooking area screaming for updates. Outfitting the kitchen with a few energy-efficient appliances may provide the needed balance between initial investment and timely ROI.


Avoid the horror stories of over-remodeling. Take care, and make moderate investments in time and money to boost the value of your home.


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