New Home Interior Trends: Changing Perception

Written by Posted On Wednesday, 22 January 2014 04:13

A lot has changed in the home decor industry in past few years. Young professionals are purchasing their homes within their early 30’s exemplifying that the real estate industry has changed the very definition of housing and architecture. Additionally, home owners are getting increasingly aware and experimental. If there’s one dominant style statement in home interiors today, it’s experimentation. There is a growing interest among people to search for something new and out of box. At the same time there is a constant urge that each one wants to affirm to their individuality by not following the latest trends blindly.

In terms of creative architecture and luxury interior designs, people are pushing themselves beyond imagination. So what are these overriding trends?

1) Classic, yet modern
Contemporary home decor styles are never too loud or have furniture with fussy details. They offer a blend of classic and modern taste which is reflected through basic and bold pieces with subtle sense of finesse and sophistication. Bare windows, metallic accent and liberal use of mirrors are some other major attractions of contemporary homes while the flooring is generally in wood or tile which is styled with bold geometric rugs. The style is subtle enough, but at the same time quirky enough to be modern and entertaining.

2) Expressive Walls
Whether your walls are expressive or not, whether they speak out or not, there is something intriguing with designing and texturing of the walls. Their designs have become more stylish, textured, or even three dimensional. With enhancements in technology, only ones imagination can limit the experimentation with walls. The trends array ranges from carvings that incorporate personalized messages, the use of a single bold color or even a simply elegant white with subtle designing.

3) Neon Trends
While the use of striking colors are subject to personal taste, the trendiest colors finding their way into numerous homes lately are neon shades. These vibrant hues find excessive placements in kids rooms, play rooms, family lounges and even on furniture. A word of advice however is that while using something or anything in neon shades, one has to be very careful about its symmetry with the overall decor of the house.

4) Odd One In
Odd items usually tend to get secluded. However, not anymore. While the entire house is designed and perfectly coordinated, you can have something that doesn’t fit the overall theme at all. This adds style and spunk to the interiors. Besides, while designing a home based on a theme, experimentation gets restricted beyond a point. Having something odd placed tastefully as a feature piece between a set decor will not only reflect your eclectic sense but add a personalized touch.

5) Trendy Storage
With living spaces getting limited, storage tends to be an imperative problem in homes now. Instead of having a drab storage facility such as simple wardrobe or closet, try something trendy. Interesting storage closets have found their way into the homes, becoming a style statement within itself.

Luxurious home decor and creative architecture doesn’t mean the upsurge of too much of money, it’s the reflection of changing perception and sense of individuality in everything that belongs to us, which can be inexpensive too.
About Author:
Raseel Gujral is the owner of Casa Paradox and a leading lifestyle designer in India. She skillfully orchestrates her sense of style into various elements of design in all her projects, creating an environment that is reflective of sophistication yet vibrant persona. Her designs are all about magnificence, extravaganza and grandeur.

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