Easy Tips for home maintenance that will save your time and money

Written by Posted On Wednesday, 22 January 2014 04:00
Easy Tips for  home maintenance  that will save your  time and money Easy Tips for home maintenance that will save your time and money Sophie Andersen

Keeping a home clean and up-to-date is one of the most demanding but also most satisfying things that a person can do for himself/herself and their home. While living in a block of flats actually means that you do not have to bother with most of the maintenance actions that you are going to read about in this text, having a house requires a lot of care and work to preserve it in best possible shape. However, although a house will give you a lot of headache and take a great amount of time, living in a house is more comfortable and enjoying, especially if you have a family. Here are several things that you should take care of to prevent larger house wrecks.


The foundation crack 

If you spot a crack or several of them in the foundations of your house, you should react at once. Cracks are usually easily fixable, but if you wait for too long, you expose your house to many terrible scenarios. The worst of them is ending up with your house irreparably leaned to one side. That would lead to total uselessness of your place. Due to that, fill up all the cracks and enjoy your house many, many decades.


Watch your windows and doors

When it comes to windows and doors, your should pay great attention to them, since they are, beside being your view to the outside world, also your guards from the cold and bad weather in general. After several years, they tend to wear down in protection and insulation. To prevent them from losing their protection traits, you should regularly check them and repair what can be repaired. For example, if you notice that your windows let the cold air from the outside harm rhe cosiness of your bedroom or they leak rain, you should redo them with some window putty. However, if you have enough money, take out the old ones and install the new ones. That is the largest investment when it comes to those parts, but it is usually done only once in a decade, so maybe that is the smartest thing to do.


Up-to-date with pipes

When it comes to plumbing, the most important thing is that you make sure that all the pipes that lead the water to your place and those which drain it away after using are always clean and passable. Otherwise, your flat or house will be reeking of terrible drain smells and, what is more, there is also a high probability that the drain will get stuck somewhere and it can even leak onto your floor or (what is even worse) your neighbor's ceiling. So, keep the pipes passable and functional.


The flooring matters

Once you have dealt with your windows and your doors, make sure that the heat does not leak out through the floor. To assure that, you should inspect the floor, no matter whether you have parquet or laminate wooden tiles. If you see that the material is damaged or cracked, you should immediately fix it. After a few years (usually a decade), it is smart to refurbish the floor either with new rugs and carpets or with brand new flooring and insulation materials.

Author: Sophie Andersen is an interior designer from Australia. She’s currently working with specialists from PermanentPlumbingSolution on project concerning eco-friendly homes. She loves to share her tips&tricks about home interiors.

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