Here are 3 qualities to an honest home buyer

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Is time running out and you need to sell your house and fast?  Retail is no longer an option because it could take 6 months or longer to get the money you need.  What are your options? You've gotten a few letters in the mail from we buy houses companies and have done some looking around on the internet.    It is tough to determine who is an honest home buyer and who is not.

When weeding through the list of home buyers (investors) it's important to chose the right one.  Having to sell a home quickly becomes very stressful usually because the circumstances surrounding your situation is stressful.  What ever the reason, whether it be because of a divorce,  loss of job or inherited that ugly house, the simple fact is that you need to get rid of the property quickly and easily.

Choosing to go with the right home buyer is key.  You select the wrong company and you'll never feel comfortable and always feel like you are getting taken advantage of.  That's exactly what an honest home buyer does not do. What they will do is guide you through the a straight forward process, step by step, in order to purchase your home in a no hassle way.

Traits to Look For In A Home Buyer

Easily Reachable

honest home buyerNothing is more frustrating when dealing with someone who is hard to get a hold of.  From the initial contact to a question right before closing, it's important for anyone you work with to be there for you when you need them.  When selling a house to an investor it's quite normal to have questions.  Your expectation should be that you'll be able to reach out to the home buyer, at any time, and get answers to your questions.

Do you want to know where everything stands?  Did you change your mind about cleaning out the house and just want to know if it is okay to leave all the junk in the house?  You should be able to reach out to the investor and get answers...quickly.  If you leave them a message they should call you back in a timely manner.


Selling a house can be overwhelming for sure.  The last thing you want to find out the day before closing is that you are responsible for all the closing costs or a repair on the house.  An honest home buyer will be upfront with you at all time.   I like to call this being transparent.

All terms of the purchase agreement will be laid out in an easy to understand contract.   You'll know how long it will take to close and how much you may have to bring to the table (sometimes there are unknown liens on the property that are flushed out by a title search).

Follow Through

This has to be the most important quality of a home buyer.  When someone actually does what they say, it goes a long way towards telling you about their professionalism.  Simple things like telling you he will call you back the next day with the answer to a question...and actually calling you back the next day.

People who do not follow through on the small things tend not to follow through on the most important things...Like buying your house for the agreed upon price.

It is all about trust. If a home buyer is easily reachable, upfront and follows through on their promises it goes a long way towards establishing that trust.

The process of selling your house is all about small steps that must be done and you want your chosen home buyer to follow through with each one of those steps in a timely manner.  Find out some good tips on selling your house fast.



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