Keeping It Green: 7 Eco-Friendly Roofing Options (Video)

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The roof is one of the most important features of your home. Your roof is constantly exposed to the elements and must withstand sun, heat, rain, snow, hail, and wind. Eventually those shingles need to be replaced. A conventional asphalt roof lasts about 15-20 years with average wear and tear.

If your roof is ready for some TLC, consider eco-friendly roofing. Eco-friendly roofing options are excellent alternatives to commonly used asphalt.    

Greening up your roof can help save on heating and cooling costs, reduce your carbon-footprint, and earn green energy tax credits. 

The best green roofing option will depend on durability, cost, home design, and local building codes. 

Check out these 7 eco-friendly roofing options to green up your home:  

  1. Recycled: Materials are made from recycled plastic, rubber, or wood fibers. Recycled shingles are extremely durable, aesthetically pleasing, and reduces landfill waste.
  2. Wood: Choose shingles made from reclaimed or sustainable lumber. Look for wood certified by the Forest Stewardship Council and companies that process locally.  
  3. Slate and Clay: Slate and clay are very durable. Slate can last hundreds of years! Look for salvaged slate and clay roof tiles for the greenest option. 
  4. Metal: Metal roofs are exceptionally durable and fire-resistant. This is a great option for cold climates to prevent damage from snow and ice. Metal roofs are ideal for collecting rainwater runoff. Recycled aluminum, copper, and steel are common materials. Some are designed to look like wood or slate, and come in a variety of colors.
  5. Cool: Cool or “white roofs” are made of high solar reflective materials which reflect visible and infrared light. Cool roofs can help reduce cooling costs, but may also result in higher heating costs during the winter.
  6. Solar: Solar panels are big, a bit clumsy, and don’t always fit your roof’s design. Harness the energy of the sun with attractive and adaptive solar shingles. Solar shingles are available in many styles. Solar shingles are more expensive than solar panels and most standard asphalt roofing. 
  7. Green: And I mean really green! Green roofs are covered with living vegetation and provide extra insulation, reduce, absorb, and filter rainwater runoff, and can serve as a vegetable garden. While one of the pricier and higher maintenance eco-roofing options, a green roof is one of the most interesting, fun, and creative ways to green up your roof.

Do you have a green roof? Would you consider one?

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