Difference between Dry Cleaning and Laundry

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Dry cleaning involves usage of a chemical like perchloroethyl for removing stains, while laundry washing comprises traditional machine washing with detergents, softener and water. The fabric of the clothes, the kind of stains or spots and specific preference of customers determines which cleaning process to adopt.
If you are a busy bee finding it difficult to squeeze out time to do the washing at home, outsourcing the responsibility on the shoulder of professional laundry services can help you save time while getting thoroughly washed and cleaned clothes done with proper care and materials. Professional dry cleaners and launderers know just the way to carry out the processes of laundering that involves identifying the dirt or stains, treating them with harmless cleaning chemicals and finally pressed for crease-free usage. However, whether you should opt for dry cleaning or laundering depends on a number of things like the type of stain, the material of the clothes and your particular preference. So before you send your garments to your local launderer, here are some basic differences between the two processes that you need to enlighten yourself with.

Basic Difference- Both Laundry washing and dry cleaning are targeted at removing stains. However, as the very names suggest, laundering involves conventional cleaning of clothes with water, detergent, and softener, while dry cleaning refers to cleaning using solvent without the use of water.

Processes: Conventional laundering procedure encompasses immersing the clothes in water and then treating the stains and dirt marks with detergents, soaps and softeners. The treated clothes are then machine tumbled in mixture of water and detergent, rinsed through spinning and finally dried in the drier and hung for further drying. The dry cleaning process is achieved through pre-treating the stains, grease and spots with the chemical perchloroethylene and then machine tumbled for washing. Post washing the solvent or chemical used for pre-treatment is removed and filtered and ultimately recycled. Dry cleaning machines are used for drying garments in the dry cleaning method.

Advantages of Laundry washing and Cleaning Dry: Wet cleaning involves water, which is the best indubitably the best solvent with better cleaning effect and freshness endowed on the clothes. Since there is no use of harmful chemicals laundering is more environment friendly than its dry clean counterpart. It is more energy efficient and much cheaper since it uses up simple detergent and softeners along with water. It is also better for sensitive skin doing away with an sort of reactions that might take place when chemicals are used.

Dry clean is also not devoid of its share of benefits. It removes stains, greases and spots including oil stains effectively and attenuates chances of shrinkage that is often witnessed in wet cleaning. Since it a softer washing process it works well with fabrics such as wool or silk as well as long furnishings such as curtains. By protecting the texture, color and fabric it helps prolong the life of your clothes, thus making them look as good as new for long years without getting faded. Nowadays reputed professional dry cleaners are resorting to eco-friendly cleansing agents such as organic compounds and carbon-dioxide which decompose with ease and do not emit odors, thereby leaving clothes feeling fresher and smelling good.

Prior to choosing a cleaning process, it is important to know that there are specific fabrics that can be cleaned wet or dry and varied materials need use of myriad solvents and chemicals. Garments like suits and woolen winter wear are better cleaned through the dry clean method, while not all clothes that can be cleaned wet can be cleaned dry. If you are however, confused about which method to choose for optimum effect, get help from a professional launderer and dry cleaner who can inspect the clothes, the type of treatment required for the same and suggest you one of the processes.

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