Home Maintenance Basics for New Homeowners

Written by Posted On Wednesday, 05 February 2014 07:39

Buying a home of your own is probably the biggest step an adult person can make in the turbulent days of economic depression. Many advisers and economic consultants stress out that now is the right moment for getting your own flat or house, but only if you have all the money in cash. Also, they strongly oppose buying homes on loans, since the construction market and banks are highly inconsistent and unstable at the moment.


However, if you have managed to purchase your own home, there are many details which you must pay attention to. First of all, if the place has already been lived in, you should completely redo it. Of course, it largely depends on the amount of money you can spend, but some interior and exterior basics must be done. To start with, you need to paint the walls. No matter how well the place has been maintained, a new coat of paint will preserve their freshness and let's not forget about the hygienic reasons for repainting the walls. You never know who lived there before you and what unhealthy habits those people might have had. If you are a family with children, you will need additional motivation. Being short on the budget means that you must make a list of priorities and new paint on the walls is definitely number one.


Apart from that, you should also be very strict when it comes to energy saving. If you see that the windows and the doors are loose or they leak air and rain, make an effort and replace them with new ones. There are many energy-efficient materials on the market today and many of them are reasonably priced. Instead of wasting money on high bills for heating, get yourself new windows and doors. It might look like a larger bite for one moment, but it will surely pay off over several years.


When you have finished with the interior basics, you will still have numerous tricky details to cope with. The electric installations, for example. Now, one thing that you should never play with, even "just to try and see if I can do it" is the electricity. If you do not have the appropriate qualifications for it, do not mess with the electric wiring. Whenever a socket or a light switch needs to be replaced, call for a professional assistance. Yes, you have to pay an electrician, but it is nothing compared with the value of your life. The electricity is a blessing, but it is also extremely dangerous, so leave it to pros.

Water, on the other hand, is a little bit less dangerous. Every now and then you will be faced with a leaking tap or a blocked drain. They are easier to deal with. When it comes to a leaking tap, always close the water the water line valve and then do what you need to do. A blocked drainage is also easily to deal with. Just take a drain unblocking rod and try to press it a couple of time. The dirt should come out. However, if you cannot do it yourself and you also do not possess a steel wire, call in a plumber and he or she will unblock it in a couple of minutes.


Whenever you have a problem in your new home, first try to see if you can fix it on your own (except for the electricity). If the problem is too difficult to sort it out, call the professional.

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