Decorating your bedroom: keep it simple and organized

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The process of organizing and decorating your sleeping quarters is as hard and demanding as furnishing any other room in your home. Having in mind that this is the room where you mostly spend time sleeping, people avoid dedication to decorating it – lack of free time and money being the major reasons for that. Still, once you erase this room from your checklist of things to do, you wouldn't need to redecorate it for quite a long period, precisely because this is the room where you spend your nights only.

Then again, after a long and strenuous day at work, you will need your bedroom to be a piece of heaven made only for you and your partner, where all the stress disappears. After all, you will need only a few things when it comes to furniture and a few smaller room accessories to complete this task – how hard is that?

Master bed

Choosing a perfect bed is very important, as well as the right mattress. The purpose of it is to provide you with proper rest during the nights. Don’t rush into buying the first bed you see. Take your time and try them out in a store – a lot of sellers allow that. Take into account how tall you and your partner are and how much space the two of you need when sleeping. Design comes after these things, but as there are various types of beds and different styles of different manufacturers, I doubt you will have a problem finding the one that matches the rest of the bedroom.


Two nightstands for your alarm clocks, mobile phones, a book that you like to read before going to sleep or a glass of water turn out to be a very important part of your bedroom and its functionality. In most cases, you will find two nightstands that are included in the price when you buy your bed, but if not, remember that you are going to need them.

A lamp

When I already mentioned nightstands, an instant association is lamps on them. Lamps designed especially for these purposes have the option of dimming the light in case your partner wants to sleep and you still want to be awake – you can find a compromise in everything. Lamp shades also provide the right amount of light needed for your bedroom. If you thing in advance, you can leave some cords right above the place where you are going to put your nightstands and install wall lamps.

Paintings and framed pictures

Putting pictures and photographs on the walls on your bedroom is proven to have a positive influence on your mood and stress level – of course if you choose wisely what you are going to hang. Not every art will affect your nervous system in the same way – do some research and see which colors and images will cause you to feel calm and relaxed.

The same goes with photographs: chose to put framed photos, where you were having a really good time in order to be surrounded with things that can put a smile on your face. “Your framed wedding photos”, as Jan Prior who has a lot of experience in Boutique Framing and who has heard a lot from her customers related to the thing that makes them happy about photographs: “will bring a lot of laughter and reminiscing of good times”. This is a key to many years of a happy marriage full of love and harmony.


Your bedroom is the perfect place to keep your clothing in, if you already don’t have a room specially designed for this. An armoire or a wardrobe should find its place in your bedroom, if you are one of those who lack some free space. A place where you are going to hang your apparel with the upper part shelf for storing boxes and a few drawers in the bottom part is an ideal armoire where you can sort all of your jackets, pants, shoes and socks.

Vanities and mirrors

This is an obligatory element of every woman’s bedroom. Vanities where you are going to keep your perfumes, jewelry, combs, brushes and other intimate things such as lingerie can add a special sophisticated feminine touch to your room. A mirror comes with each and every vanity, so you can check your hair and spend some time in the morning cleaning you face, putting on your daily hydrating crème and putting on some make up.

TV sets

TV sets are great for insomniacs and people who need to watch a good movie or a show right before bedtime. A TV set with a really big screen, even without a surround system included is a great choice for every bedroom. Turn the volume down and gradually fall asleep with your favorite TV channel on. If you are not one of those people who enjoy quietness, find a channel with some relaxing music that will make you sleep like a baby and wake up fresh and restarted.


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