3 Staging Tips to Sell a Home Fast

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It is possible to sell your home fast even in today's competitive real estate market. While pricing and curb appeal often are enough to get potential buyers to your home, it's often the "wow" factor they experience on the inside that seals the deal. Cleaning and de-cluttering are the first two steps in presenting a home at its best. The next step is using a few staging techniques to make a solid, favorable impression on potential buyers.

Before showing your home to potential buyers, consider three easy staging tips.

Create a welcoming porch or entranceway.

Even homes with just a stoop or a small porch can make a welcoming impression to potential buyers. Make sure the porch, steps and entranceway is swept and power-washed—don't leave any cobwebs or bird droppings. Clean any outdoor lighting so it shines brightly when on and be sure to place a clean doormat at the front door. If your front door has windows, make sure those are clean as well. Add small, cheerful touches such as a flowering plants flanking the doorway. If there is room for furniture on the porch, make sure it is clean with attractive cushions.

Set the dining table.

While it's important to clear as many items as possible off the kitchen counters, it's equally important to present the dining table as if it's about time to sit down for a delicious meal. If you don't want to set the table with a full dinner setting, simple set it with linen placemats, cloth napkins (either folded or in decorative rings) and cutlery. Include a centerpiece of silk or fresh flowers. Don't leave any papers, books or other debris on the table.

De-personalize the bathroom.

Try to see each room of your home through the eyes of a potential buyer. Bathrooms are scrutinized by visitors during showings and open houses, making this room one of the most important to super-clean, de-clutter and de-personalize. Getting the grout sparkling white is a good start, but it's equally important to remove all those personal products from the shower and countertops. Don't just toss them in a cabinet. Purchase inexpensive, stackable baskets to hold your shampoo, creams and other personal care products and then store the baskets neatly in a cabinet or closet.

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