Finding the Ideal Beachfront Condos in Miami

Written by Posted On Sunday, 09 February 2014 20:03

Owning a Miami beachfront condo allows you to have the ultimate resort experience without ever having to check into a hotel room. However, there are countless Miami beachfront condos to choose from, so finding the perfect one for you is not an easy process if you do not know where to look. That is why we are going to provide you with a few useful tips for finding the best Miami beachfront condos for you.

Consider the property itself
When searching for a new beachfront condo, location is not everything; what is at the location matters too. When scouring the list of available Miami beachfront condos, it is easy to forget that fact. Don't get us wrong. Where your beachfront condo is located is important, but before you become too enamored with that perfect location, make sure that you take the time to audit the condo itself. For instance, if your Miami condo needs to be a three bedroom, visiting that studio sized beachfront condo with the perfect view would be a waste of time. If you forget to do that, you could soon find yourself either wasting a great deal of time or stuck with a condo that does not meet your needs.

Don't forget about the view
One of the greatest things about having a Miami beachfront condo is not only being right next to the beach, but also being able to view its beauty every day. Not all beachfront condos, however, face the beach. If this is important to you, make sure to ask about this before you visit a property. This will allow you to filter your list of potential Miami condos further, and more importantly, prevent you from wasting your time.

Find out if the Miami beachfront condo is hurricane ready
Although Miami, Florida is one of the most beautiful cities in the world for most of the year, the city does occasionally come across hurricanes. While the city itself is more than prepared for this type of weather, not all buildings are. You should find out what measures have been taken to protect your potential Miami beachfront condo both during and after its construction.

Find out what government regulations control what you can do with the property
While you may not be opening a business in your beachfront condo, government regulations do exist regarding what you can do with the property. For instance, not all beachfront condos can include a dock for various municipal and safety reasons. Even if it seems visibly apparent that you can do exactly what you want to with your new beachfront condo, make sure that you double check with the regulatory agencies anyway.

Find a real estate agent in Miami with beachfront property experience
The key to finding the Miami beachfront condo that perfectly meets your needs is hiring a real estate agent who has beachfront property experience. They will have the knowledge, skills and connections to dig up properties that you would not have otherwise even known about.

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