5 Tips for a Fresh Smelling South Florida Home

Written by Posted On Tuesday, 11 February 2014 22:32

White sand, warm weather and lovely oceans are just a few of the benefits of living in a tropical area like south Florida. However, with that tropical climate come a few definite drawbacks. The high humidity in South Florida can be a major headache. Mold grows easily in high-humidity areas, and if you ever have a water issue, like a leaky pipe or a minor flood, mold can get established in your home. Mold releases spores as it reproduces. These spores can make your home have a musty, dirty odor. You do not want your home to be a smelly, unpleasant place to be. In south Florida, it is possible to have a fresh, clean-smelling home even in times of high humidity.

Five Steps to a Fresh Smelling Home

1. Mold Removal

Your home will smell bad as long as the mold is growing and reproducing. You need to kill the mold to keep it from spreading. Mold removal can be time-consuming and difficult. Mold remediation requires careful handling of this health hazard as well as the right equipment and techniques to clean out mold completely. There are many different types of mold and often in hard to reach places. Improper handling or inadequate cleanup can quickly cause it to spread leading to unhealthy living or working conditions.

       Here is a well-defined mold remediation process:

•Take samples to identify the type of mold you are dealing with

•Verify our findings through laboratory analysis

•Make a detailed plan of how we are going to go about removing it

•Carefully seal off contaminated areas to prevent spread

•Use the latest high-powered vacuums for mold removal

•Clean infected surfaces thoroughly or dispose of them in the prescribed manner

Mold remediation and water damage restoration generally go hand in hand. Mold thrives in a damp and wet environment. If your house or office has been flooded by heavy rains, leaks, or pipe burst, you could be faced with mold. The longer it remains wet, the higher the chances of mold and mildew developing. If left untreated, mold can run you out of your home or office. Not to mention the health issues it can cause. Attend to it before the damage spreads.

2. Remove Mold-Damaged Materials

Some things just cannot be cleaned properly to get to the entire mold. Soft, absorbent items should be discarded if they get moldy. Furniture and carpeting will never really be mold-free once mold is established on them because they have many layers of fabric, padding and foam. Your homeowner's insurance may be able to help with the cost of replacing them. If you had water damage from a flood, make sure that all of the drywall and wood in the house are completely dry before you wallpaper or put down new carpet.

3. Control the Humidity and Address Leaks

before you can be assured that the mold will not come back, you should address the problems that caused the mold to begin with. If you have a leaky roof or window that allowed the moisture in the house, you should repair it. If the humidity is too high in the house, get a dehumidifier. Keep the home reasonably cool to inhibit mold growth and help with humid conditions in the house. If you need help with water extraction, professional water damage restoration companies will have the equipment that you need to dry out your house quickly.

4. Watch Out for Future Mold Growth

Be vigilant in the future about checking for the return of mold. While you can dry out the home, the spores will still linger for awhile waiting for a chance to reestablish a colony. Keep your eyes open for future mold growth, so you can address it while it is small. You can use bleach and water for mold removal in small spots. If you have another instance of flooding, clean it up as quickly as possible. Quick water removal in Fort Lauderdale is key to keeping mold in check.

5. Do Not Use Chemical Air Fresheners to Camouflage Odors

You do not have to rely on chemical air fresheners and scented candles to have a clean-smelling home. In fact, constantly using these products can give you a false sense of security as they camouflage the odor of a thriving mold colony. When your home is dry and mold-free, you will not need to rely on these air-fresheners.

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