How To Improve Your LinkedIn Profile Today

Written by Posted On Thursday, 13 February 2014 08:45

Is your LinkedIn profile in need of CPR?

With some 238 million members worldwide, it’s time to breathe life back into your LinkedIn profile. Learning to leverage this leading social media site is essential to building your professional network and grow your business.

Keep in mind that Google loves LinkedIn. A Google search on most people will show their LinkedIn profile in the top position. You don’t want your customer driven to a lifeless profile.    

Mike O’Neil and Lori Ruff, The LinkedIn Rockstars at, have created a simple and effective guide to optimizing your LinkedIn profile. 

I’ve summarized some of their key takeaways for you.

✩Here’s your how-to list of tips to improve your LinkedIn profile today✩

1)  Headline: Your profile headline is the first thing people see along with your profile photo so make it count!   

  • Don’t use the default titles. Be creative! Do you have some bragging rights? Add them in here.
  • Use keywords and phrases relevant to your industry. 
  • My favorite tip from The LinkedIn Rockstars - use special characters like this ✸ to accentuate your text. 

2)  Profile Pic: Should go without saying, use an up-to-date professional headshot. 

3)  Summary: The summary is not about you, it’s about your audience. 

  • Write in the first person. 
  • Give your audience value, solutions, passion, and purpose.
  • End with a “Call To Action” like “Call me at...” or “Email me at...”

4)  Experience: Don’t resume dump and run!

  • List relevant paid and unpaid employment since college. 
  • Describe what the company does, who they serve, and where they serve. 
  • Describe your position and what made you stand out.

5)  Education: Along with your college experience, list other trainings and coursework.  

6)  Web Sites: You get 3 URL’s.

  • The website labels to choose from are rather boring. 
  • You can rename the label on each link to something more exciting. 
  • Choose “Other” in the drop-down menu, then add your own text for the link. 

7)  Interests: Show the audience who you are! 

  • List personal and professional interests. 
  • Use single words or short phrases and separate by commas to create links.

8)  LinkedIn Groups: Join at least 25 groups in your area, profession, and groups that appeal to your personal interests.

9)  Recommendations: At least 10 recommendations from clients and former employers. Keep them short and sweet, about 3-4 sentences.

10) Skills: Keywords will help create your list and help with endorsements.

Bonus Tip

Revisit your profile often and update frequently. Social media is active and dynamic. Keep your audience interested with fresh updates, valuable information, and authentic engagement. 

Get your LinkedIn profile’s heart beating again with these simple and effective guidelines and tips.

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