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When an alarm system is installed, it can bring a great sense of security and peace to a residence. Likewise, a businessman may lock up his shop at night feeling that his investments are a lot more protected than he would feel otherwise. However, finding a reliable alarm monitoring company to go with those systems can be more difficult than it may sound. Alarm Relay aims to make that a problem of the past and promises to be one of the most reliable monitoring companies in the business. It is a full alarm monitoring service with the capability to dispatch the fire department, paramedics, and police at a moment’s notice, guaranteeing that the authorities can be notified as soon as possible in an emergency situation.

 Alarm monitoring system

A great alarm monitoring company should offer flexibility at great prices. Alarm Relay is happy to assist their customers in adding to their sense of security and well-being without requiring the use of costly company alarm systems. They are one of the only monitoring companies that can add existing stand-alone systems to their network. With a phone line or cellular module, any existing alarm unit can be added, so there is no need to buy a specific unit for use with their monitoring service. Customers are able to take the time to find a system that works best with their home or office, or, if they already have a system, take the time to decide which of the two service connection options will work best for them. They are also proud to offer their customers wholesale prices for all of their services. How do they do that? They cut out the middle men, reducing the need to pay for the overhead required for marketing, the upfront cost of alarm systems, and by maintaining their own central monitoring station instead of hiring out, like other services often do.


A good, reliable service will also maintain relevant add-ons that evolve with the ever-changing technological world. Alarm Relay is able to offer regular phone notifications, email notifications, and cellular and internet monitoring. Monitored openings and closings are available as well. These extra services make a difference in accessibility, helping a good monitoring company to better serve its customers.


What sets Alarm Relay apart is that it is UL listed for alarm monitoring and burglar and fire system installation. They also dedicate time and effort into training and maintaining some of the greatest central station operators around, who immediately respond to alarms, requests and inquiries. They set the standard for monitoring companies and are happy to offer the best services in the market for the best prices around.




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