Major Benefits of Staying in Rental Apartments in Istanbul

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Istanbul is essentially one of the most picturesque tourist destinations in the Middle East region. Istanbul happens to bring together a perfect synthesis of the cultures of the East and West and is famous for its beautiful locales and scenic beauties. Colorful marketplaces, vibrant colors and sumptuous food mark the indigenous culture of Istanbul endowing it with the status of one of the most sought after tourist destinations. The food culture of Istanbul too, is very unique from other parts of the world, and the city is known for its various eateries, restaurants and street food.

The tourism industry of Istanbul, Turkey is one of the major industries and a major part of the population is engaged in this occupation. A new trend has recently set in, which shows that the tourists who are visiting, mainly vacationing in the city are seen to hire the short term rental houses in Istanbul over big and luxurious hotels. For a longer stay as well, the tourists are keener on renting a furnished apartment in Istanbul, than going for a hotel or lodge.

It is not an easy task to readily buy property in Istanbul. Apart from financial issues, there are several legal hassles involved as well. The second best option would be to get an apartment for rental, which offers full furnishing, and all other facilities. These serviced flats or apartments are provided by several rental services based in Istanbul, who ensure a luxurious and hassle-free stay of the guest. Starting from proper kitchen facilities, to a modern and spotless bathroom, and also comfortable couches and beds- every little thing is made available by the rental services in the apartment. Also, these apartments and flats come in several price ranges, for the customer to choose in accordance to their budget and preferences. Sometimes the hotel charges are exorbitant, and the space is limited too. Getting an entire apartment on the other hand, entirely to oneself, is always a better alternative. With proper kitchen equipments, one can prepare his/ her own meal, enjoy watching television, do one’s laundry and completely stay away from the regular room services and other issues. On the other hand, people who prefer to get their things done by others can easily order housekeeping, cooked meals, rental cars, travel guides and so on attending their diverse requirements. Gyms, swimming pools, fitness clubs, spas, and parks are also made available by the rental services for the guests.

Unlike hotels, few of the short rental apartments allow pets. It is almost like staying in one’s home, with big luxurious rooms, hallways, garden areas and so on. Few of the service providers also ensure to customize an apartment prior the guests’ visits, according to their tastes and preferences. However, it is always recommended that one should do an extensive online research on these apartments and their service providers before renting one. The primary reason behind doing this research is to get the best rates and do a comparison of the available facilities. The service providers mostly have their own websites, which provide all the necessary information related to the apartments.

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It's been almost twenty years of mine as a real estate agent where I Jonny Moore, kept on helping people finding their dream homes in Istanbul & around the Turkey and every deal of mine made me introduced to new people and gave me another experience. Now, I think my experiences will definitely be helpful for people living in Istanbul or willing to live here. In this post, I am telling about benefits of rentals apartment in Istanbul. 




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