Clever Remodeling Ideas for Your Bathroom

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You don’t have to burn a hole in your pocket to add a harmonized, sophisticated and spacious look to your bathroom. All you have to do is try these clever bathroom remodeling ideas that can give a boost to your home interiors, making bathing a pleasurable, rejuvenating experience.

Go Rustic

Rustic bathroom décor ideas can instantly uplift your bathroom interiors. Bring an outdoors inspired, rough hewn theme design to give your bathroom a relaxed and invigorating appearance. Have a systematic use of brown and cream colors to create a contrast, introducing spaciousness to your interiors. For instance, have brown flooring, cream colored sinks with a complementing bath tub.

Black and White

The ultimate contrast works on smaller and larger bathrooms as well. So, take the classic monotone to add sophistication. Have deep black walls that are contrasted by soft yellow color. Crisp white furnishings can be a great way of adding classiness to your bathroom décor. Make sure that you keep Mirrored Shelves and a large mirror with light overhead to add space to your interiors.

Flat Bowl Sink

Don’t have enough space or money to invest in larger, designer sinks? Well, you don’t have to worry. Try flat bowl sinks for bathroom remodeling. They will introduce modernity, sleekness and spaciousness to your interiors. Plus, installing a vanity above them is easy. Have a countertop to keep dispenser, candles or an embellishment like artificial flowers.  For a more contemporary look, have vessel sinks. They are cheaper than your regular porcelain. Vessel sinks should ideally be freestanding.

Tiling the Bathroom

Don’t just stop at the walls. Think beyond them and use tiling on the ceiling as well. Ceramic tiles can look beautiful. But make sure you use neutral colors. Have floating vanity as well. If you plan on utilizing some extra space for bathroom remodeling then think differently and opt for an outdoor shower. Use stone walls and have a remodeling company design it in a manner that it can be accessed through the master bedroom. And if you wish to accentuate the theme, have the outdoor area hidden from view. Keep a small sink with a countertop to keep a plush bath sheet, soap and shower gel. Accessorize with teak colored mat.

Mirrors to Modernize

Adding bathtubs can make your bathroom look cluttered. But by interplaying mirrors, you can add class to your interiors. Have a mirrored division between your bathroom and your bathtub. Install a larger, oval shaped mirror above the sink. These two mirrors will bounce lights, giving a spacious look to spruce up your bathroom interiors. Either use colors such as white, light green or blue in the bathroom or opt for intermix of steel and grey tones. These color palettes are modern, stylish and tend to provide an evergreen, thematic look to your bathroom interiors.

Try these ideas and ask your remodeling company to employ holistic approach while remodeling your bathroom.

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