5 Qualities that are Must Haves in a Roofing Company

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Market is flooded with all kinds of roofing companies. So it’s important to know what a professional roofing company should be like. Here are five qualities that are must have in a good roofing company.

If you’re searching for a roofing company for the installation or a roof repair then you must know what big investment it’s going to be. Roof installation, repair or replacement cost can come anywhere between few hundred dollars to thousands of dollars. Also, don’t ignore the reality that roofing scams are more frequent after a natural disaster. Therefore hiring a roofing company must be given importance and shouldn’t be just given away to anyone. You just don’t want anyone to handle this job.

To begin the search process, find a roofer. Internet results that match with keywords like experienced roofing company, licensed roof contractors are the best ways to begin the search. Ask family, friends and neighbors for some recommendations. And then you can always look up in a phone book but only as last resort. For a closer at what should be and shouldn’t be, here are the five basic qualities of roofing company that’ll help you to narrow down the selection and choose a reliable roofing company for your roofing project.

Five qualities that make a good roofing company


This is the most important thing to consider while hiring roofing company’s services. The reason being, in case there is an accident or injury during roof installation or repair and the company is uninsured then the loss has to be incurred by the homeowner-  often too much to handle. Therefore, always look for a company that maintains paperwork showing its insurance policy and worker’s compensation before actual hiring.  If they’re unable produce insurance proof and ask you to sign the roofing contract first, just move to another company.

Permanent business place

A permanent business place shows that the roofing company won’t fly by over night with your partial payment. Although, this doesn’t imply that a permanent roof contractor can be trusted blindly. Nevertheless look for owner’s permanent address, phone number and tax identification number to be safe and careful.


Guaranties reflect that a roofing company has the ability to provide first grade services. Materials and products used come with a guarantee from the manufactures and promise the quality a roof installer mist have. It’s advised that a roofer should offer at least one year warranty on roof installation.

License and Permits

Getting government license and other permits to perform the roofing work can be costly. Hence many companies would avoid getting one. As a homeowner, you should be aware of some necessary permits that make a reliable roofing company.


It’s recommended to look for at least ten recommendations from roofing company. Out of these pick any three and contact them to know about the quality of services. This shows the company’s transparency and a pool of satisfied customers.

With these five quality check, you’ll definitely end up hiring a reliable roofing company! 


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