How to Take Charge When Selling Your Home

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This could be the beginning of an exciting new chapter in your life, but putting your home on the market is an overwhelming process. If you're unprepared, you may even feel like you're just along for the ride, and that's never good when your future might depend on the outcome of your sale.

Don't get washed away by a wave of new fiscal experiences. Learn to take control of your property transfer by following these key tips:

How to Choose Your Own Price
Never rely on potential buyers to decide the terms of your deal; this is a sure-fire way to end up with a low-ball sale price. Instead, sweeten the pot by staging your home in advance.

For instance, making simple modifications to the way you present your property gives others incentive to agree with your assessment of said property's value. Spruce the landscaping, repaint your peeling exteriors and maximize the lighting indoors with fresh bulbs. Even routine cleaning tasks, such as washing windows, dusting floors and putting worn, old furniture in storage can make your home seem much newer.

Getting Things in Better Condition
What if you're thinking about staying in your home for a few more months or even years before moving? This is the perfect time to consider upgrades and repairs.

Modern homebuyers typically don't want to deal with fixer-upper projects, especially if this is going to be their first home purchase. The costs you incur by repairing patchy siding or finally getting that HVAC unit serviced may be outweighed by the perceived value of buying a home with updated and well-maintained fixtures. If you can afford it, make these improvements before you list your home so that an otherwise acceptable deal isn't totally soured by a major material deficiency.

Entering the Market Correctly
Now that your home is as presentable as you can make it, you need to share it with people. Reader's Digest notes that homes are almost certain not to sell if they aren't shown.

Ensure that agents can visit your home easily without having to make an appointment weeks in advance or deal with other scheduling nightmares. You're competing with vacant listings that buyers can visit at any time, so you need to be as accessible as humanly possible.

As wonderful as your home may be, it's not the only one for sale, so you need to set it apart. Forbes and other publications point out that buyers may decide between two extremely similar home options based on specific deal conditions, such as whether sellers offer transferable warranties on appliances or provide credit towards closing costs.

Figure out What's Important
In some cases, buyers will be more interested in their ability to close as quickly as possible than whether or not you replaced a few missing roof shingles. It's critical to research your market thoroughly before diving in.

Don't fight your Realtor; instead, take advantage of their knowledge as you figure out which factors are important within your specific market. Real estate agents are good sources of information concerning the kinds of improvements, modifications and sale features that will help you get the best possible return on your investment. 

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