How to Get Rid of Horse Flies?

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If I told you that there are flies whose main diet consists of blood and their bite is strong enough to take away a tiny bit of your flesh with each bite; I am sure you would be very interested in knowing about how to kill these flies. Yes; horse flies usually bite mostly pets, but they have also been known to aggravate humans in various situations and the astonishing fact is that there are about 3000 varieties of these horse flies; so getting rid of them is not as easy as it seems. To get rid of them, one must first have crucial information about their habitat and know how to destroy them.

Horse flies mostly prefer damp areas like lakes, ponds, swamps etc to lay eggs; and their places of reproduction can be easily tracked by keeping an eye on such moist regions. Rocks and plants seem to be special favorites with them when it comes to laying eggs; and they are mostly attracted to dark colored objects. Armed with that information; let us have a look at the things we could do to make their attacks less frequent:

Disposable Fly Traps:

These are perhaps the best bet if you live in a horse fly infested area and want to get rid of the flies. The best thing about fly traps is that they can be used by commercial properties and individual home owners alike; and do not contain any significant amount of chemicals. Rather, these fly traps make use of natural attractants like scents, colors, and sugar bases which lure the fly into the trap. Once the fly settles, it is unable to get rid of the glue from its body thereby trapping it in the paper.

Fly Baits:

The reason why these are more popular than the fly traps and used more regularly is because they use a wider range of attractants including pheromones that draw the horse flies by hordes. Since they can be used immediately without any such professional guidance, house owners often prefer these. Baits provide long term control and can simply be sprayed or painted upon and hung in majorly infested areas.

Fly Sprays:

If the level of infestation is so bad that you are still wondering about how to get rid of horse flies, this is the ideal method for you. These sprays need to be diluted with water before spraying on infested areas and can be safely used both inside and outside the house. While the lighter ones momentarily paralyze the fly giving you the opportunity to kill it; the more heavy weight ones kill the flies instantly. A spray can provide relief to your house for up to 2-3 months before reapplication is needed.

As it must be already clear; some pests are an irritation to be around, but some can make life miserable for you; and the horse flies definitely fall in the latter category. It is a good idea to get rid of them at the slightest hint of an infestation rather than let them take over your personal space, or worse; end up with painful bites and irrecoverable diseases. Find more by visiting

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