DIY Ideas: How To Soundproof Your Own Windows At Home?

Written by Posted On Monday, 03 March 2014 22:51
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Whether one is looking for soundproof windows in Bangalore or any other city of India, there is plenty of choice available. The reason for this is the fact that noise is something that almost all metro residents have to deal with and at any given time people are looking to take steps to reduce this noise factor at home. Bearing that in mind, almost all UPVC windows manufacturers in Bangalore and elsewhere are doing good business. These windows provide good sound insulation and thus are in high demand.

In addition to installing UPVC windows, there are also certain DIY steps that can be taken towards soundproofing ones’ home too. A lot of these are not very difficult and here are a few to start out with:

-One of the areas from where sound travels is cracks and holes and one of the first and most easiest steps that can be taken towards soundproofing a home is to fill these up with polyurethane or latex caulk.

-Also the other culprit is pipes and wires and especially points where they enter the home. Fill these points with putty or high-density polyester absorber and then seal around it.

- One the best ways to get soundproof windows in Bangalore is to go for the double glazed window option that can even be fitted on to your existing windows.

-Insulating the ceiling with polyester batts and filling all the holes in roofs is another step that can be taken. This increases energy efficiency as well as minimizes the input of noise that enters the house.

-In addition to this, adding thick curtains or heavy-set window treatments can also help in the process of reducing noise that enters the home. The same goes for furniture that is strategically placed in high decibel areas of the home that are most prone to noise filtering into the house.

Taking these little steps can go a long way towards making your home as peaceful as possible. Putting this bit of effort can take you one step closer towards getting yourself a quiet sanctuary that you can enjoy on your day off or after a long day at home.

A peaceful, quiet home is the stuff dreams are made of and a little bit of investment towards this will guarantee you returns that you will enjoy for a long time to come.




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