How to Save Money When Getting Dry Cleaning Services

Written by Posted On Thursday, 13 March 2014 01:45

Most of us have business suits and evening gowns which are meant to be dry cleaned only. But frequent dry cleaning can be an expensive affair. If you want a few tips on how to save some money while going for dry cleaning then read on.

Dry cleaning has become an essential part of everyone’s life, especially for the ones living in the city. With hard-pressed schedules people find it difficult to deal with their laundry all by themselves. They eventually end up looking for dry cleaners.

But don’t just drop off your laundry at any shop you come across because you may end up paying a great deal of money without even getting the desired results. The cleaners may damage your clothes with their cheap cleaning chemicals. So it is essential that you do a proper background check on the services before dropping off your clothes. And amongst all the essential quality that one may look for the one of utmost importance is the cost of the service. Yes, there are many service providers in the city who may be charging unnecessary money from you.  It must make you feel like you have been on a shopping spree because the dry cleaning can cost you as much as buying new clothes. So it is essential that you keep a few points in mind while choosing so that you don’t end up wasting loads of money every time you visit your cleaners.

Here are three easiest ways to save money while opting for the same:

The first and foremost thing is to look around the area for all the dry cleaning service providers.  There is no point in settling for one just because it is close to office or home. Scan the area and compare the rates offered by others. Also look for dry cleaners that provide free pick up from and drop off at home or office.

 Don’t forget to strike a bargain on the rates offered because these rates are negotiable. Offer them to bring back the hangers in return for a percentage cutoff on their rates or ask them to provide you frequently visiting customer discounts.

Another way is to keep a lookout for promotion deals and member discounts offered by them. These days many of the cleaners have online websites. Visit those sites regularly as they usually provide promotional discount coupons on these sites. Also some of these dry cleaning service providers also offer monthly discount coupons to members and loyal customers. Don’t miss your chance and grab them whenever available.

Apart from keeping all these in mind there are a few other things that you can consider doing which will help you save some more money. Read the product description of your apparels or home furnishing where it says ‘dry clean’ or ‘dry clean only’ because if it says the former you can wash them at home.

You must also take proper care of your clothes in between visits to the professional cleaners.  You can extend the time between consecutive visits by observing a few rules such as avoiding directly spraying deodorants and perfumes on expensive clothes. Hanging your clothes on wooden hangers instead of piling them on your closet can also help. Follow these golden rules and you will be able to save a lot of money.

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