How To Repair The Top Rail Of A Chain Link Fence?

Written by Posted On Thursday, 20 March 2014 22:15

Repairing the top rail chain fence link isn’t that difficult a task, only when you know how to go about it. So here are some tips for the same.

A chain link fence is a great way of protecting your private or commercial property. It’s easy to install and looks ideal in any kind of settings. The chain link fence uses metal pipes of equal lengths to form the top rail. The top rail is the main framework which supports the other hardware and fence posts giving perfect shape to the chain link net. If your chain link fence has to remain strong than its top rail has to remain strong. And in case the top rail has been damaged due to some reasons or some dent has occurred then you may either have to replace it or get it repaired.
Replacing the top rails is ideal when the damage caused is beyond repair. While a normal damage can be easily fixed by the homeowners themselves. Although repairing a chain link fence can look little difficult in the start, but once you learn how to perform the repairing task it won’t seem too difficult. So continue to read the given instructions on how to fix the top rails of a chain link fence in seven simple steps.

Instruction 1: Use large pliers to untie the fence ties running along the full length of top rails. Be careful to not to untie the fence ties from the posts that provides support to the chain link net.

Instruction 2: Use adjustable wrench and socket wrench for removing the nuts from the bolt at the end of the rails. Pull up the rail end away from the bracket it was fixed to.

Instruction 3: With the help of a hammer hit the inner edges of the rail end to loosen and completely remove the rail end. Repeat the same method with the other rail end. If required then slide out the pipe out of the top post line as well.

Instruction 4: Now insert new top rail pipers throughout the lengths of chain link fence, if required. Insert one end of the pipe into the rail end that’s attached. Hit the pipe’s end to fix it in the rail end.

Instruction 5: Now place the free rail end on the pipe’s end and set the rail end with the fence post bracket. Use a hammer to place the rail end in position.

Instruction 6: Align the bolt hole in the bracket with bolt hold in the rail end. Now use nut and bolt to fix the rail end to the bracket.

Instruction 7: Finally attach the fence ties to the rail top at equal intervals and hook the ends with the chain link net with the help of large pliers.

With these seven simple steps in mind you’ll surely be successful in repairing the top rail of your chain link fence.

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